New hero announced for Fable Legends

A new hero has been announced for Fable Legends, the giant sword wielding melee fighter Evienne!

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10 Highly Anticipated Video Games That Never Saw the Light of Day

There have been so many games from major developers that we have been excited to finally play, that somehow, in some way, got axed before they were ever completed.

It's time to take a look back, and pour one out for all of the lost brothers and sisters of gaming that were taken before their time.

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FallenAngel19841958d ago

Deep Down is never going to see the light of day

porkChop1957d ago

Shame, it looked pretty cool.

IamTylerDurden11958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

My top 10

Star Wars 1313 - This was my if Star Wars and Mass Effect had a baby, sorta..

Silent Hills - P.T. nuff said.

Deep Down - Visuals were stunning. Capcom, please.

Agent - it has become the R* version of TLG.

Bioshock VITA - It was legitimately planned and in the works, until it wasn't..

Visceral Star Wars - Visceral, Hennig, 3rd person Star Wars action.

Scalebound - Looked awesome early on, other than the Beats By Dre..

Prey 2

Infamous VITA (rumor)

IamTylerDurden11958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Infamous VITA was a rumor. It was to be called Infamous: Electric Souls and Nate Fox pretty much promised me. Darn you Nate.

The Santa Monica space RPG was a shame. Too bad SSM has such high standards, i bet it wasn't that bad.

gamerpop1957d ago

Star Wars 1313 and the recently canceled EA game were big upsets.

Raven7221957d ago

Fable Legends? Really? Every other game on that list I can agree with but that. That game never had hype. It had artificial hype from people who wanted it to be more than what it was looking to become. It was hardly ever spoken of outside of list wars and some poor schmuck who was forced to write about the game because it made an appearance at some convention. It wasn't what people wanted. They wanted a proper Fable game. They got a garbage asymmetrical multiplayer game in the vein of Evolve but even less exciting.

The 10th Rider1957d ago

Eh, I think the original concept was decent enough, even if it was nothing spectacular. However it felt like the more and more they showed the worse it looked.

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Feature Wish List for the Next Fable

Gamerheadquarters; "Fable is one of my favorite series, it was a great initial RPG for me to get into back in the day and honestly Xbox hasn't been the same this generation without it. "

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Xbox One's Game Pass Is Good For Gamers, But Can We Forgive These Microsoft Mistakes?

Will gamers ever be able to forgive Microsoft for the Xbox One's poor launch, the cancellation of Scalebound, and more?

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Automatic792064d ago

Twinfinite cruising for clicks. Sad State of journalism, no wonder so many are going to You tube influencers rather than websites.

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rainslacker2062d ago

Give credit for the good, criticize the bad. No reason to dredge up the bad stuff when discussing the good.

It's always worth encouraging the good stuff that a company does, because then maybe they'll keep doing the good stuff.

Godmars2902063d ago

Games you've largely and likely played before?

DiRtY2063d ago

LoL, no I don't own more than 100 Xbox One games.

Godmars2902063d ago

So enjoy 360 games on the XBX, because games are only about graphic fidelity.

zackeroniii2063d ago

exactly...and can we forgive these microsoft mistakes...no...microsoft and xbox one is an atrocity...a flaming heap of garbage

Godmars2902063d ago

More like a system that was built for ports rather than its own games.

B1uBurneR2063d ago

System one:
supposedly has no games or exclusives but some how manages to offer you 100 + games monthly for $10
System two:
has tons of games and tons of exclusive and you'll pay tons of money to play the equivalent amount of games on that system.

What a hard choice to make as a gamer. After the quiet yet powerful X combined with gamepass, Gold Live, EA access. MS you are forgiven for given me so many gaming options.

Kiwi662063d ago

"more like a system that was built for ports rather than its own games" so the games that aren't ports or found on the 360 don't count, because from what I've seen at stores etc the Xbox One doesn't just have Xbox 360 games

Professor_K2062d ago


And your heaping fanboy.

Enjoy playing NOTHING for Tue first quarter of Tue year lol

Godmars2902062d ago

What games are distinct to XB1/XBX?

Kiwi662062d ago

So you asked what games are distinct to Xbox /Xbox X, how about the one's that aren't/weren't on the Xbox 360 for a start that made their debut on the Xbox One

Godmars2902062d ago

You mean all of the games that are day-one playable on the PC as well?

You're not understanding what i'm getting at. While something like the Last of Us was a well received and decent enough PS3 title made better on the PS4, could be ported to the PC, as a day-one PC port it would have been seen as something limited on console. Likely wouldn't be all that on PC. Building for specific hardware specs gives a game advantages and defines the hardware. And by all counts the XBX will never have that definition. Will never be defined because nothing will ever be specifically built for it.

Kiwi662062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Then following what you said about the Xbox X then that also applies to the PS4 Pro as soon far it's in the same situation as far as games made specifically for them

Godmars2902062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Yes, exactly. I consider the PS4 Pro to generally be a waste. A transitional system that does VR a bit better than the base PS4.

Still, its not carrying the lode stone of having to make up for the XB1 being built around a dead motion accessory. Of being essentially ignored or punished for keeping up with $1000+ PC rigs.

Though that's been the industry since PS3/360.

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TheCommentator2063d ago

I didn't read the article but here's how I see things:

-People forgave Sony for launching the expensive PS3 with no games for the first few years and cancellations of games like Getaway 2 and the FF7 remake that helped unveil the system.
-People forgave Nintendo for releasing the cartridge-based N64, the "Minidisc" Gamecube, and cancelling games like the Zelda tech demo everyone wanted.
-People can forgive MS as well... >IF< MS can show that it can get serious about games production.

That's not going to happen overnight. It took Sony a few years of hard work to gain lost ground last generation and become competitive with 360. It took Nintendo a decade before finally making consoles that play like no others for Nintendo to gain ground again. Some people will never forgive MS for years of neglect in producing games, just like some people won't forgive Sony or Nintendo for the crap they pull, but at least they have the HW ironed out now.

No company is perfect, but everyone has their own definitions of what they can forgive. As long as they can produce more varied titles in greater amounts, then many (but not all) people will be able to forgive MS too.

Prem8tuaProcrastin8a2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

People also forgave Sony for allowing the biggest hack in gaming history to happen...and for then covering it up....for months....while people's credit card information was stolen.

dirkdady2063d ago

Wrong no evidence of cc info was stolen as the latest analysis showed only personally identifiable info which can be found in the yellowpages were accessed. and they didn't try to cover up anything the hacking occurred around the April 19th Sony shut psn down on the 20th to investigate and informed on may 5th - two weeks later of the hacking with findings from the analysis.

It's troubling there are ppl like you spreading misinformation out there when all it takes is a minute to look this up online.