That Open World Game Tastes Like Cardboard

From EGMR, "You know when you bite into your favourite chocolate there are all these different layers, a biscuit layer, perhaps a nougat centre or some caramel to sweeten the deal. There’s a glorious flavour profile that assaults your taste buds and gets you into that fevered state to chow down. That’s a great feeling right? To be overwhelmed by a flavour rainbow is a godsend. But it seems Ubisoft’s latest open world outing with Far Cry 4 didn’t hit that flavour profile. More so, it tasted like cardboard within the first hour, then the second hour there was nothing and playing felt like I was munching on nothingness, expansive nothingness dotted with a few interesting tidbits but nothing of grand taste. It was just a banal tasteless experience that seems to be the Ubisoft formula of late."

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