What’s in a Score?

Whenever a product is reviewed, there’s a helpful indicator that summarises the overall observations into a simple easily understandable unit, namely the Review Score. The Score is prevalent in the judgement of entertainment products like movies and video games. But is it truly a good indication of the overall quality of a product for time immemorial? Is a score relevant after the product has undergone changes after release, as with video games getting patched? Would a score compare with the experience of a user consuming the product without understanding its context?

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Dean Takahashi | Videogame Journalist GOAT | RPadTV 3000

RPadTV’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month content kicks off with a Dean Takahashi interview. Considered by many to be THE preeminent videogames journalist, Dean Takahashi chats with host Raymond Padilla about why he chose to pursue a career in journalism, how the coverage of games has changed in his decades in the business, his thoughts on using AI to help write articles, the one question he always asks in interviews, advice he has to Asian Americans looking to get into videogame journalism, and more.

beerhound214d ago

Rather interesting interview with one of gaming's veteran journos. Respect.

Angyobangyo214d ago

Dean Takahashi, the man the legend who failed so hard at the cuphead tutorial and Doom Eternal.


The Secret E3: What actually happens at E3 Judges Week?

VGC investigates the “summer camp for old-time games journalists” held ahead of the big show

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Game Informer Australia Is Closing Down

Game Informer Australia is going to close down and one of its editors, David Milner, recently announced that he was stepping down.

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