The Transformation of Majora’s Mask: How Deku Link Reveals a Change in Magic’s Conservation

ZI: For the past couple of weeks, we've learned about numerous ways in which Majora's Mask 3D will differ from its original version on the Nintendo 64. Many of these changes have been applauded by the fanbase, and rightfully so – Nintendo is taking this opportunity to fix little issues that players have had with the game for years. While only a few of these changes could be called major, they are all being made with the belief such alterations will strengthen the experience.

Yet some of these changes do far more than that – a handful of them offer us some unique insight into the minds behind the Zelda series, and how those minds have themselves changed in the past fifteen years. We can examine these changes to Majora's Mask and infer the motivations behind them to learn how perspectives may have shifted and opinions varied amongst the developers as time has passed. Over the next few days, we will focus specifically on how the changes to certain magical abilities found in Majora's Mask reveal a fundamental shift in mindset concerning the use and purpose of magic power in the Zelda universe.

Without further ado, let's begin today's analysis. And what better way to start a series on magical abilities than with the very first one you receive in the game?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1344d ago

All of this would be much more worrisome if magic potions and Chateau Romani weren't a thing.
So long as both of those are a thing, the frequency at which magic jars pop up to replenish it on the fly, and the lessons taught about conservation in the original version, are not something to worry over, because they existed back then, too, and were abused just as often, if not more.