The Transformation of Majora’s Mask: How Zora Link Reveals a Change in Magic’s Necessity

ZI: Majora's Mask 3D features numerous changes from its original version on the Nintendo 64, and it in turn offers us unique insights into how the minds behind the Zelda series have changed over time. By examining differences between the remake and the original, we can explore the possible motivations behind these changes and learn how the perspectives and opinions of Nintendo's finest may have shifted and varied over the past fifteen years. Specifically, through the study of certain magical abilities that have been altered for Majora's Mask 3D, we can reveal a fundamental shift in the mindset concerning magic power in the Zelda games.

Thus far we have examined the alterations to the magical abilities of two of Link's transformations, Deku Link and Goron Link. From the former, we learned that Nintendo now expects magic to be used more frequently; from the latter, that they have made some abilities now require more effort by the player to avoid using magic than it does to use them. Both of these shall be reiterated today, and a greater gravity towards this subject shall emerge, as we complete the triad by examining a change to Zora Link's abilities.

Without further ado, let's begin today's analysis.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1370d ago

Does no one carry around blue potions or Chateau Romani anymore?
Am I the only one that does?
I mean, jeez, it's not THAT difficult to manage magic consumption in Zelda.
I always had a full stock of potions on me for just such an occasion, and I always traveled to the bar the moment Chateau Romani was available to snag a bottle.

It completely negates any and all concerns a player has about magic during any 3-day cycle.