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"Majora’s Mask is a standout Zelda title that didn’t get the love it deserved the first time around, only to receive a greater appreciation of its experimental nature later on. If you’re looking for a game full of charm, with a fantastic story and tons of depth and invention, then The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D is for you.

Fifteen years after gamers first stepped into the world of Termina, this 3DS remake feels like one of the freshest, experimental games money can buy."

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remixx1161346d ago

One of the few games I wish I could unplay, just to relive it again. (Along with shadow of the colossus)

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago

Here's irony for ya:

My memory is crappy.
It's so bad that it makes it impossible to remember all the tasks that a regular full-time job would have me doing, so I'm stuck with side jobs.

But on the bright side, it makes it easier to forget games I haven't played for a while, which makes them feel fresh and new the moment I start playing them again...

I dunno whether I'm blessed or cursed.XD

remixx1161345d ago

Eh the gift of the curse huh.