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The classic real time strategy game is becoming a bit of an endangered species these days. Many strategy game developers have veered into one of two camps: conquest-driven grand strategy games like Civilization and Total War, or squad-based tactics games like XCOM or Doorkickers. Through all this, it’s heartening that two of the original pioneers of RTS are still carrying the flag for a much cherished genre. The first is Blizzard, who are about to put out the third and final chapter of Starcraft II. The second is Petroglyph, comprised of many former employees of legendary Command & Conquer developer Westwood Studios. Petroglyph, having had a respectable amount of success with classic RTS games Star Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War, went on a couple of misadventures dabbling in MMOs, such as the ill fated Battle of Graxia and Mytheon. Their latest offering, the science fiction RTS game Grey Goo, presents a very strong return to form , and is perhaps the most ambitious title pu...

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