Xbox 360 Update again Bricks consoles!

Strike 2, Three deadly errors, one update, starring Microsoft Xbox 360 as The Console, and Microsoft Customer Care as the Villain, a must read for all Xbox 360 owners, are you really safe?

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specialguest4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

if the source is true, then strike 2 is one that is inexcusable. the PS3 and Wii has an excuse of being newly released when it comes to errors and bugs, but with the 360, we're in the 2nd year of the 360 now.

anyway, don't flame, the keyword is IF.

marionz4365d ago

and i dont know even one person that has had any problems with any of the if bricking is going on its only hapening to those stupid enough to mod their xbox, and well they deserve it fully, anyway the news looks like rubish and the website it came from looks crappy

Caxtus7504365d ago

what a biased article! MS always deliver and do their best to fix consoles...and yes it will happen that soon...MS usually do what they say! (3-5days).

DC RID3R4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

"a must read for all Xbox 360 owners, are you really safe?"

dont make me lmfao!!!!

to ALL ps3 fanboys!!!!- if your so-called NEXT-gen console DOESN'T support DX10 in ANY shape or form(360 does!), are you REALLY safe??

cos with what i've SEEN already of the next GT-R (realtime),
DX10 COMPLETELY blows away ANYTHING the ps3 has to offer!!!

like i've said b4,nvidia, fukd sony up the A with the gpu!! the new 8800 gpu's are ALL DX10, and sony SHUD have put them in, instead of the 7900 serie's, like the bunch of PRICKS they R!!! i PITY the fools!


DeathNote14365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

are you a moron. the 360 doesn't/can never run dx10. it has dx9 support and cannot be upgraded.same goes for the ps3.

that picture you linked is for computer games. dx10 computer games are going to blow away anything ps3 and 360 has to offer/

the geforce 8 seris supports directx 10 yes. the geforce 7 series supports dx9 only yes. FOR COMPUTERS.

Marty83704365d ago

X360 does'nt support DX10,it uses DX9 thats it.

TheMART4364d ago

Actually, the 360 uses the DX9 as a BASE

BUT it has it's own API Control on GPU. That means: It's not restricted to any fixed rules (DX10), the 360/MS can design it's own way. Seen the complexity of the GPU (an ATI 1900 XTX, but then even more special with 10 MB extra fast embedded RAM, which actually makes an extra die on the GPU) MS might include stuff that surpasses DX10.

It is possible. And we know MS likes surprises with the 360:

HDMI (digital port, so possible and it will arrive, look at the Japanese Blu Dragon special HDMI pack where pictures are on the net)

and more of that stuff.

So yep. I expect DX10 visuals. Maybe even some effects not seen in DX10

DJ4364d ago

"MS might include stuff that surpasses DX10."

Wait, so let me get this straight. Xbox 360 was finalized before DX10 was even announced, and yet you're saying that its DX9c API can surpass version 10? If that's true, then why doesn't Microsoft put out 9c instead of v. 10?

Simple. They had to get the 360 out early, and thus had to put DX 9c in instead. I don't really care for the surprises that MS puts out since they're just copies of what Sony has already achieved. OpenGL 2.0 can achieve everything that DirectX can, and in fact has been around a lot longer. A bit harder to wield, but since it's closer to the hardware level it has greater performance. But it is harder, so I can see why Microsoft would include their API instead.

Microsoft stresses ease-of-use, while Sony stresses higher performance.

ACE4364d ago

DJ wrong again mate 360 does dx10 this is fact :) .

u r so full of bs

Geohound4364d ago

you two should totally sleep together. It'd be pretty hot.

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headblackman4365d ago

for some odd reason this doesnt even sound true :/ i'll wait for microsofts reply on this one and then wait to see if they post somekind of numbers telling how large the number of bricked units were recieved if any. but until that happens, i'll just put this one in the sony fanboy rumor mill for now

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