Vote With Your Wallets: The Threat Of DLC

Pixel Gate UK talks about the growing problem of DLC. Will it lead to a market crash? are consumers even bothered? -

''The great thing about the internet, or the worst, is everyone has a voice. Every single last person has the freedom to say exactly what they want to say. This has changed how businesses make,market and sell their products. The consumer has changed how they buy products, all because everyone now has a voice and digital soap box to stand upon. The video game industry knows all of it’s customers, and potential customers, have a voice…and it’s normally pretty damn vocal.''

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Relientk771346d ago

I'll happily vote with my wallet and not buy Evolve

PixelGateUk1346d ago

It's actually been quite refreshing seeing the majority of people reject their insane DLC. Hopefully it draws a line, things are getting silly now.

On the topic of Evolve...with all the DLC, it feels like a Free to play game with a full retail price chucked on it. Be a awesome steam sale game though

Ozmoses1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

It's an easy decision... The Order: 1886 is right around the corner... among the many games that are slated to come out this year. shit it's only a few months until the spring/summer releases..

very easy to pass up Evolve. didn't even think twice about it.

Relientk771346d ago

Picking The Order: 1886 over Evolve is such an easy decision lol

BigShotSmoov0071346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I voted with mine and bought the game but none of the DLC. I enjoy the game and want to support new IP's and new ideas. The game is fun and deep and looking foward to what else they have in store for it. All these anti-Evolve threads are getting really dumb and redundant now though.

Fireseed1346d ago

Bu bu bu but Im entitled to every single thing a studio works on from the beginning of development to w/e I determine.

BigShotSmoov0071346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Gamers have become spoiled little brats now. They forgot the most important thing with all these companies is MONEY....They need it in order to continue to make more game we love to play and let's face it, they are losing a lot more with all the used game sales and pirating going on. So if they want to charge for some useless skin in a game, let them go ahead, you don't have to buy it but if you want these companies to survive and keeping make new and exciting game for us to play, we have to support them with our wallets or else we are going to be living in an Activision, EA, Ubisoft gaming world where all we play is COD, Assassin Creed and Madden every single year. Stop whining people and grow up.

P.S.... They are giving us the maps and game modes for FREE but you don't see any of these stupid websites that's been bashing the game over and over again mention that, they just looking for the sheep to flock to there website and come on here to spread their word of nonscene.

Sketchy_Galore1346d ago

It's not about feeling entitled, it's about knowing the creators intentionally decided not to make the best, most content rich game they could, for the sake of squeezing more money out of people already paying a hefty price for their product. There was a time when you could buy a game with the understanding that it was the absolute best product the creators felt they could create with the time and resources they had. Now we're expected to buy a game understanding that it has been intentionally stripped of content in order to get more money from us.

Rachel_Alucard1345d ago


Yeah because 2K totally didn't rake in 800 million in a day from GTA5 on the first release. Nor do they have a constant funnel of money from shark cards, Borderlands double dipping, etc.

Yeah they totally don't have money to pay turtle rock.

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Macdaddy711346d ago

I'm done buying games with in game cost,... DLC maps n all to all to the game is ok,.. But to save game, move one, n like EA gas cost WTF??? I'm so done,.. 35 yrs I have loved gaming but they have took all enjoyment out of games. Madden mut teams costing up over $200 for a good team...greed greed greed Is all it is,.. I use to spend $200, $300, on up every month on games, I only spend $200 a yr I'm not giving them all my money n then screw me out of more it's BS

Der_Kommandant1346d ago

I really wanted to like this game but the whole DLC thing keep me away from buying it.

BigShotSmoov0071346d ago

So DLC for the game is stopping you from liking it? So I guess you'll not like anymore games EVER?

Antifan1346d ago

The point is, there's literally no content in Evolve that justifies the $60 price tag. All that original content was stripped from the game to turn it into DLC. These publishers think people are dumb. So, to even customize your character, you would have spend an extra $80. If this was any other game, those customizations would be included free, unlockable through progression. So, it's NOT like any other game DLC, you so claim.

Sketchy_Galore1346d ago

My buying this was doubtful anyway as I'm usually a single player gamer only but the DLC model really tipped it from something I may try out if I get bored and drunk enough to something I will definitely not buy.

I do understand people saying you're voting with your wallet by buying the game and just not buying the DLC and to be honest that's probably what I'd do if the game itself was really my type of thing but as somebody who was unsure about the game to begin with the DLC shenanigans are easily enough to turn me off it completely.

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