Zero1Gamer : The Bad Points of Battlefield Hardline

Zero1Gamer's Chris Halpin-Durband explores the recent Battlefield Hardline beta and explains why he simply isn't a fan.

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daBUSHwhaka3215d ago

Missing this for sure.This ain't Battlefield.


Battlefield 1, Hardline, BF4 Servers Are Being Taken Offline by Cheaters; EA Silent on Issue

Cheaters & hackers have been causing grief on Battlefield 1, Hardline & BF4 servers, with nonstop DDoS attacks among other things. Unfortunately, EA has remained silent about it.

-Foxtrot614d ago

Course they are silent, they are hoping people flock to 2042

gamesftw250613d ago

Maybe it was a inside job then haha.

jeromeface613d ago

wouldnt be the first time, titanfall 1+2 anyone?

PapaBop613d ago

Not even if they paid me.. EA always do this with old games with less money potential, if this was Ultimate Team, they'd address and sort it faster than stories could spread. Why invest time in their products when they will just dump it in the following years? Then again EA never could see the forest for the trees.

Inverno613d ago

I imagine after those games were given out for free a couple months back through Amazon, anything that makes people go to 2042 is a plus for them

XiNatsuDragnel614d ago

They want people to go on 2042. My theory

excaliburps613d ago

Nah. I think they can't do anything about it or they want to sink money into fixing it.

Pudge102888613d ago (Edited 613d ago )

EA owns all BF servers so yes, they can do something about it but they refuse to because they dont want ppl playing their old games instead of the new one. Its EA we’re talking about here

pr33k33613d ago

if this happened in 2042, they'd have something to say. which is weird, considering battlefield 1 has more players on steam right now.

Pudge102888613d ago

Its so obvious that EA is doing this or hired ppl to mess up the games so that we’d be forced to have just 1 Battlefield working.

FPS_D3TH613d ago

Honestly it’s probably the devs themselves. They did an update to bf4 way back that kinda made assault rifles doo doo in hopes that people would flock to BF1 cuz BF4 was too perfect

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Ranking All The Battlefield Games

From Xfire: "With the next game being a return to the classic XX42 formula, now is as good a time as any to make an utterly definitive and in no possible way controversial ranking of the Battlefield games we've enjoyed over the years, with which undoubtedly nobody will take issue in the comment section. Right? Okay then - here we go, from least good to best."

OMNlPOTENT885d ago

Battlefield 1 above 4 and Bad Company 2? Not a chance.

Ruegrong885d ago

battlefield 4 was broken as shit on launch same as battlefield 3

isarai884d ago

Bad company 2 was still my favorite, sure it was a bit gimped compared to the rest if the series but more fun and far more satisfying weapon unlocks.

XxINFERNUSxX884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Battlefield 1942 + both expansions are my all time favorite, it can still be played online to this day. Vietnam would be my 2nd, 3rd Battlefield 2, last BF2142 the rest I didn't care for. They really need to remake from the ground up in the new engine BF1942. Next year it will be 20 yrs since it was released. If they don't at least to me would be a disservice. ☹

CoNn3rB884d ago

"erasing that simply reinforces toxic male privilege." I see the writer is one of those types of people...


The Life & Death of the Season Pass

In a time not too long ago, a foul infection spread its way through the games industry. It was a vile illness that burrowed itself in deep, feeding off of greed and the incessant begging of teens desperate to receive funds from their parents. It divided friend groups, suffocated player bases, and was common practice up until recently—it was the season pass.

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IanTH1113d ago (Edited 1113d ago )

This doesn't make a ton of sense. Season Passes may slowly fade out for multiplayer games, perhaps, but I don't see them going anywhere in games that are primarily single player. They don't seem to touch on this either, with every game being some kind of online/multiplayer/GaaS title, and nary a mention of a single player game - at least that I saw.

I mean, games like Borderlands 3 just asked people to buy in to the 2nd season pass. Battle passes can't really take over in places that have story driven content and such. So I'd say perhaps they missed a bit of a necessary distinction but, since they claim the death of season pass is at hand, it appears they may have missed how single player games factor into this entirely.