Pissed off Gamer Breaks Evolve in the Middle of GameStop

Junkie Monkeys: A gamer by the name of William Colon is pretty pissed off about Evolve’s pricey DLC. Mr. Colon is so angry about the DLC controversy, that he decided to film himself breaking Evolve at his local GameStop.

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Kingthrash3601344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Honestly, I will never buy evolve or any other game whos model is sell 1/4 at full price and sell dlc to squeeze as much money as possible from gamers.
Sad thing is I won't have many games because this trend is becoming the new way of wallet rapeing gamers.
Calcium did the on disc dlc many others like Destiny are doing this. Pay to win trends like thos that are in forza5 are also becoming common in games.
We need to stand up with our wallets period. For the life of me I can't understand how ign gave this a 9/10.....just can't wrap my mind around it. Slowly but surely the gaming world as we know it is turning into a overpriced hell are more and more incomplete...constant patches ....dlc are needed to fully enjoy the complete game.
Where it should be, I bought the complete game and dlc has nothing to do with the core of the game. Dlc should only be content for thos who love the completed game so much that they want more. Not, here buy this piece of a game at full and tge buy the rest with a same day dlc.
I say no to should you. Supporting this will end gaming as we know it.

Chanogram1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

This is stupid. Buy their game, then break it in a video... That'll show em! I bet they definitely learned their lesson. Meanwhile, you spent 60 dollars, they made a sale, and you are left with... nothing but a stupid video that no one will care about 1 day from now.

Please dont approve this trash.

I'm not condoning the way the DLC is set up for Evolve, but this isn't the way to solve the problem or voice your displeasure.

joab7771344d ago

They don't care. You just gave them $60. You should have went to games top and spent your $60 on something else, or even better, spend $204 on 3 or 4 other games.

KiwiViper851344d ago

Its not the fact that he paid for the game, ye they got the money, congratulations to them.

This video would have already been posted to them hundreds of times, they have to notice it. If that's what it takes to have is voice heard by the developers then it's worth the $60 he donated to the cause. This is bad publicity whichever way you look at it, if enough people voice their outrage then TurtleRock, 2K, whoever will have to come in with the damage control. "Ooops we meant to say all the DLC is included in the purchase price, Our bad..."

Well done, share this video by any means necessary.

Relientk771344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I have always been anti-DLC

so clearly I am not getting Evolve lol

and game companies should not rely so much on DLC, they should rely on making a COMPLETE working game at launch for people to play and enjoy. DLC shouldn't even be involved.

Edit: *sigh* I miss the previous generations PS2, PS1 etc and further back, when DLC did not exist

joab7771344d ago

The dlc is fine, but make it f2p, or cheaper than $60.

KiwiViper851344d ago

What is actually unlocked during normal gameplay? Anything?

crazychris41241344d ago

Before some of you start mouthing off about its just skins, they are just cosmetic and you dont have to buy em you are absolutely right. The problem is they released 44 dlc items on the 1st day worth more than double the price of the game!!! Also the season pass which is supposed to give you all of the dlc at a discount, doesnt even cover all of the dlc. Most of the skins should have been rewarded to players for completing certain tasks. Then if certain players want more than they can make and sell them post launch. Everyone is happy and you dont have to deal with the pr nightmare they are currently in.

What a horrible start for gaming in 2015.

-Foxtrot1344d ago

Well...least he did something new instead of joining the rest of us with moaning online haha

Chanogram1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

He gave them a sale, how is that better than moaning online?

EDIT: @foxtrot, that makes more sense then. Misinterpreted your meaning, sorry. :)

-Foxtrot1344d ago

Oh I didn't say it was better, I just said it was new

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