Culdcept Saga Screenshots

A follow-up to the popular strategy series, this Xbox 360 game will feature Xbox Live battles. Check out these latest Culdcept Saga Screenshots.

Anerythristic266607d ago

I dont even know what this game is about , but I want it , strange.

6607d ago
USMChardcharger6607d ago

i see ssj has not been banned under his current name yet.
looks sort of like those asian card games mixed in medival.

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VG Clash! - Culdcept Saga (Xbox 360)

Koru from here with a brand new series, "Video Game Clash!" where I showcase match videos from all sorts of games. This is just a test episode. It may or may not continue.

Future episodes featuring different titles will not be nearly as lengthy, as matches in this game can last up to an hour or more. Any feedback would be appreciated, and if you have a game request, please comment or message me.

The game featured in this episode is Culdcept Saga, an Xbox 360 exclusive. For more information on the game check out

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Edward754486d ago

My friends and I played this game many o nights, loved it. Didn't like the fact that at least half of the times a person would get disconnected. Oh and 1 more thing that sucked...when playing against AI the game would seem to cheat, by rolling whatever what was needed to help in the computer winning!

Koru4484d ago

The computer does indeed cheat quite a bit. Which is why I typically never touch story mode again once I've gotten everything there is to get from it. Most addicting game I've ever played though.


KGR: Episode 5

Welcome back to Koru's Game Reviews. This is Koru from presenting episode 5.

Today's rounds are:

Culdcept Saga (360)

Minna no Rhythm Tengoku (Wii)

Sonic Colours (Wii)


Side note: be sure to watch the credits for links to the KGR Facebook page, as well as my twitter account for show updates.

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Top 5 Most Overlooked Xbox 360 Exclusives

Although the Xbox 360 has the highest software attach ratio ever for a video game system, many exclusives don't sell as well as they should. Here are the top five most overlooked 360-only titles.

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Cylon5195d ago

Those aren't overlooked games, those are bad games.

Elven65195d ago

You forgot to add "In my opinion" to the end of your sentence. ;)

I agree with all of those choices expect for Culdept Saga and Earth Defense Force since I haven't played them. Blue Dragon wasn't that over looked persay, but it didn't sell 2 million or anything like that but it did well enough to get sequels.

Viva Pinata is a great game, despite the childish outlook it might be a bit too advanced for most kid gamers. Earth Defense Force from what I'm hearing is brutally hard!

Cylon5195d ago

Those are bad games. Blue Dragon was terrible, Viva Pinata was terrible, Chromehounds was terrible etc etc.

Banjo Kazooie, Lost Odyssey, Beautiful Katamari, these are overlooked games that were great.

GameOn5195d ago

Viva Pinata is a really unique and enjoyable series. It's like a little ecosystem simulator. I can tell you haven't played it and you're just running your mouth as trolls always do.

-MD-5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )

Viva Pinata was great. I played Chromehounds online for like 2 months and had a blast with it.

I had a chance to get that Earth Defense Force game for like 5 dollars but I didn't know anything about it so I passed.

Bnet3435195d ago

I liked Blue Dragon's old school gameplay, to me it was a nice game. I think Cylon was just looking at reviews at determining if the game was good or not. Chromehounds is one of those cult games.

ThanatosDMC5195d ago (Edited 5195d ago )

Earth's Defense Force is one of the greatest 360 games. Did you ever play it? It's less than $20 at gamestop if you're lucky enough to find a copy.

Cylon5195d ago

It was mediocre at best. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts&Bolts was a bajillion times better than Viva Pinata.

mikeslemonade5195d ago

Viva Pinata is more overated than overlooked. Chromehounds is old and is a primitive game. It's not relevant to go back and play Chromehounds. Blue Dragon is overated but people who like anime, punk, and rock. Lost Odyssey is in all ways better than Blue Dragon.

GameOn5195d ago

What in your mind makes it a bad/mediocre game. I can understand people not liking it due to the type of game it is or its art style. But to out-rite call it a bad game seems unfair when it doesn't do anything bad. It's a unique game and in my books that already gives it an advantage in this age of "me too games".

Corepred45194d ago

so just because you don't agree with cylon's comment he's a troll? geez people are retarded nowadays. i hate the word troll. that sh!ts for nerds!

GameOn5194d ago

They certainly are corepred4, they certainly are. :)

HolyOrangeCows5194d ago

Is Earth Defense Force 2017 a downloadable title or is it on disc?

STK0265194d ago

Actually, both Viva Pinata and EDF2017 are great games. Viva pinata might not be for everyone, as those looking for blood and gore, or a deep plot, won't be satisfied. However, if you are looking for a game people of all ages can enjoy and features some pretty nice graphics too, most notably the artistic design, you will be hard pressed to find something better than VP.

As for EDF2017, the low production values and repetitive gameplay might be too much for many. but if you dig under, mostly if you are playing in co-op, you are certain to have a blast. Actually, this game had some bad review scores, however, if you actually read the reviews themselves, you will notice that many reviewers removed points for graphics and sound, while praising it's simple yet addictive gameplay.
Considering it's extremely cheap nowadays (can be found for less than 5$ at some places), I'd say you owe it to yourself to at least try it out.

vhero5194d ago

EDF is a great game but overlooked?? Not really its a very niche game thats all.. As for highest attach rate statement... That was a long time ago near the beginning of the 360s life and every console has a high attach rate near the start of its life. Its not longer the highest.

Raines of Onyx5194d ago

Blue Dragon was ok, but the rest were good. I still own them and play them. try it before you knock it. And i know you Ps3 users are just mad you dont have them lol


EDF is cool. Just don't go in thinking you're going to be playing Mass Effect or Gears or something, because you will be disappointed. The game made me laugh a little more than anything else. Yeah, play it for lols!

multipayer5194d ago

I think EDF may have lost a bit of its charm sense the early 360 days, before we had horde in gears of war... Also, that indie game called Creed Arena could probably take even more of its thunder away.

The rest of the games really aren't my bag, but I'd say viva pinata is the most polished and closest to AAA status.