Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks to Impress Despite Final Fantasy XV Comparisons

Lets look at why Xenoblade Chronicles X is the JRPG you’re going to need to play when it releases locally.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2440d ago

Monolith is really a god-send for Wii U owners; they're delivering high-quality software that defies the naysayers and their calls of "Weak-U".

FromTheAshes2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Thing is Wii U's lineup has consistently had high scoring hit after hit despite the Wii U so called power gulf vs. PS4 and Xbox One. A;so despite the absence of third parties.

Not only that...Wii U's games are COMPLETE and not BUGGY. It's a fine console with a damn fine gaming library.


Yep. At least Nintendo and Co. take their time to refine and polish their titles. Going to be a treat for Wii U owners.

wonderfulmonkeyman2439d ago

I was just pointing out that Monolith is doing a fantastic job of offering something new and unique.
Wii U doesn't have as many RPG's as I would like it to have, after all.

WeAreLegion2439d ago

So...we're just going to pretend Game & Wario doesn't exist?

Nintendo screws up just like everyone else.

Not to mention the Amiibo shipping BS.

Nintendo isn't some godsend. They're an excellent company, but don't act like they're perfect.

bouzebbal2439d ago

i take Xenoblade over FFXV anytime.
FFXV smells fishy to me.. Fells like they're hiding its weaknesses behind gorgeous graphics cause we know nothing about this game just yet. After over 6 years it's very weird.
Xenoblade is my top anticipated RPG this year. Cannot wait

wonderfulmonkeyman2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

We're aware, Legion.

Nintendo's advertisement efforts and naming sense for recent consoles is more than enough evidence that Nintendo needs some guidance in certain areas.

We're just saying that Monolith is doing great things for the company, and that there have been a LOT of screw-ups in third party games lately by comparison.

Irishguy952439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )


We know as much about the new X as FFXV, we know alot more do we need to know other than play the demo ourselves??

I'll make sure to play both of these games anyhow

NoctisPendragon2439d ago


We know close to nothing about FF XV but we know alot about FF XV's demo.
Can you tell me how the gameplay works?
How do you farm weapon ?
About Magic ?
About summons classes ?
About the size of the map?
Do you know more than 1 area of FF XV?
Did you see 1 finished town ?
Do you know what the story is really about (dont talk me about a J-Pop band or idk what)?
Do you know about what we dont know (train station,airspih,weather system,vertical figthing,summoning) ?

Next to XCX , we really dont know anything about FF XV. Even after the demo , we wont know as much as XCX informations.

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DarkOcelet2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Monolith Soft were always amazing from the beginning delivering and helped developing great games.


Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

Xenoblade Chronicles


Square should have held on to them. They are amazing.

Godmars2902439d ago

Square should have stuck to experimental gameplay instead of the over focus towards graphics.

PlebeGamer2439d ago

I can't help but get hyped for the game more and more every time I see new information. The recent update to the official website was huge and confirmed character creation that went beyond anything I imagined.

JacketsNest1012439d ago

This is one the absolute best write-ups I've ever seen for this game. Well done!!!!

WeAreLegion2439d ago

I think this game is going to be one of the best titles of the generation. It just looks like so much fun!

NoctisPendragon2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Now Xenoblade X is the "victim" who got bashed 1st by the other (FF XV) ? lol ok.
Nice way to start a war then get away when you dont need this war anymore.

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