Ubisoft Says Rebuilding Assassin’s Creed Engine For Unity Was ‘Painful’

On its third fiscal quarter earnings call today, Ubisoft confronted questions from analysts about the rocky launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity. While company executives side-stepped the question of rebuilding trust, they did put a positive spin on what Unity’s problems mean for the next title.

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-Foxtrot3214d ago

Yet you made it harder for yourselves by trying to work the engine around co-op play. Probably why it was buggy as hell

Christopher3214d ago

My issue is with all that reworking... the game didn't play all that differently or feel that different at all that it couldn't have been done with the old engine. So, what was the point? I get doing it to update with new specs and new software that is being used, but they sell it as if we should care and it would greatly affect what we play. It didn't.

starchild3214d ago

The same could be said about virtually every game this generation, though. Infamous Second Son, for example, is mostly just a prettier looking Infamous game with basically the same gameplay as the last gen entries.

Assassin's Creed Unity is easily one of the best looking games to come out so far this generation and I'd say the work they put in definitely paid off in most ways.

They just needed more development time. My biggest issue with the game are the glitchy NPCs. That was a big step back for the franchise. Sure, there were a lot of NPCs and that was pretty impressive in some scenes, but most of the time the NPCs were glitchy and felt worse than in previous games in the series.

Christopher3214d ago

***Assassin's Creed Unity is easily one of the best looking games to come out so far this generation and I'd say the work they put in definitely paid off in most ways. ***

You and I will have to continue to disagree on this. I found nothing impressive about ACU over AC4.

***They just needed more development time.***

And yet they are already set to push out the games on an annual basis. I really wish they would take more time. Perhaps even go the approach that some games are with long-term DLC releases that mimic more of a miniseries event rather than just one whole experience and some minor add-ons afterwards.

user55757083214d ago

parity was painful too. thanks for garbage resolution

Neo_Zeed3214d ago

Problem wasn't co-op. Black Flag had co-op. Problem was cramming 10k NPC's into an old engine that wasn't designed for that. They should have just scrapped AnvilNext and created a true next gen engine. AnvilNext was created with last gen systems in mind.

Activemessiah3214d ago

Playing it was just as painful, mate.

starchild3214d ago

Not for me. Aside from the glitchy NPCs, the game ran smoothly on my PC and I thought it was a great game.

KiwiViper853214d ago

I loved it, 1300G.

Can't wait for Victory

Der_Kommandant3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Well Ubisoft... you extended your experience to us.

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Ubisoft has 'paused' advertising on Twitter

Numerous major advertisers have suspended advertising on the platform following a report that found their ads appearing next to pro-Nazi content.

Jin_Sakai10d ago

Don’t think I’ve ever even seen a Ubisoft ad on X.

VenomUK9d ago

'Ubisoft has 'paused' advertising on Twitter'.

That's ironic.

DrDoomer9d ago

Sounds like a short term improvement to twitter.

LordoftheCritics9d ago

Media Matters manipulating the narrative of this world.
Ubisoft bending over hard.

Thank the lord for X.

Jin_Sakai9d ago

Media Matters are just pure evil as Elon said.

9d ago
darthv729d ago

They should change their name to Narrative Matters

Christopher9d ago

Love the buy in here. Media Matters, that thing most people have never even heard of until now, is manipulating the narrative of this world but 100% not Elon who literally owns one of the biggest sites for pushing his own narrative and uses it to promote "freedom of speech for me but not for thee" as exampled by going after someone for having the freedom to speak out against his site. Glad he gets to gatekeep freedom of speech while claiming that everyone should be able to say what they want.

Love the idolatry in your last sentence, though. Chef's kiss.