More Driveclub February mystery car teases from Evolutions Studios

Yesterday the team behind the PS4 racing title, Driveclub, teased the gaming world with a mystery super car that could hit 242 MPH and with ease I might add. Today they dropped new gameplay footage of that very same car racing around on the Venom Hot Lap circuit, and completely destroyed the previous record of 1:12:552 that was set in the Hennessey Venom GT. Evolution Studios also goes on to mention that the trailer for February update and add-on packs will be revealed tomorrow.

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LackTrue4K1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Koneigsegg one....


Same here, its pathetic now

BLow1344d ago

I completely understand Evolutions mess up but if you really wanted the game you could have rented it by now. It came out in October. At most it would have cost your $4. So you would have wasted a whole $1 a month by now. And yes that is money but if your into video games as a hobby and complain about $4 then you need to find another hobby. They [email protected] up we get it, But you don't really want the game do you? I mean come on, REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

caseh1344d ago

I just have to say this, but is there any reason why you're waiting on a stripped down PS+ release that will undoubtedly have a fraction of the content when you can buy the FULL game for less than £15!

Honestly, i'm not this games biggest fan but even i'm getting tired for the "Where's PS+ edition?" complaints. Spend a whole £15 and buy it you tight b*&tards.

IIZANGETSUII1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

@BLow @caseh Me and my friends are waiting for the PS Plus edition of this game that was delayed like a year, and on top of that had a terrible launch, and still no PS Plus Edition? Thats lame, we dont like racing games but as a distraction we said "hey would be cool if we race once in a while, because its free" So, NO im not going to rent it, and NO im not going to buy the full retail game, so dont jump into stupid conclusions.

If you are getting tired of the complaints then dont click DC articles, this wont stop until the PS Plus edition is released

sonarus1344d ago

i came in here to add the exact same comment in. It really is pathetic now smdh sony

DragoonsScaleLegends1344d ago

Here are all the responses I get when I ask about Driveclub PS+ Edition:

PS4 Owners: Any news on the PlayStation Plus Edition?

Sony: No comment.

Developers: Hey check out this fast car, did you say something?

PS4 Fanboys: You poor looser buy the game, it's the best racing game ever!

XO Fanboys: Driveclub sucks who cares? Forza is the best just like the Xbox One which is also the best!

XSpike1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

The best response for the DC PS+ edition is, why do you care so much? Its only a slightly bigger then normal demo & you can already buy the game for cheap in stores.

That new car looks amazing so fast! I waant it now, DC does very well at giving you a sense of speed

boing11344d ago

There won't be any probably. They'll give us full game at some point.

MajorGecko1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

its funny how mad ps fanboys get so mad when u ask for something that was promised to everyone before ps4 came out.

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mxguy931344d ago

Here's a mystery. When is ps+ edition being released

ilikepizza1344d ago ShowReplies(6)
ilikepizza1342d ago

Wait what.... Why would I be mad? Lol. Driveclub launched with 55 cars and broke as all hell. Even after all the updates everyone still acknowledges it's nothing superb. It's a 6/10 driving game at best, so I don't get why this site is trying so hard to keep it in the news. Not even a car pack just a car lol. "Check out these pics of foliage" really bruh? Forza horizon destroyed driveclub as whole in the fact it is actually better at bringing a much better social diving game than experience driveclub hence the fact driveclub clubs are locked to 6 and on fh2 is 1000..... Oh but we see any coverage on the top gear car pack or the fact that fh2 is nearing 300+ cars, nope just more boring news on Sony's year late letdown. In 2014 they only game you infamous and driveclub (both games a 7 at best) as true ps4 exclusives and this is the copy you guys are so ride or die for lol, what a joke. Keeping this in the news tool it's next delayed letdown the order.....