The Witcher 3 Dev: We Don't Want to Release Sh*t, Explains Philosophy of Delaying Release

A trio of CD Projeckt's developers explain why they don't want to ruin their reputation by putting out a broken game with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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annoyedgamer1345d ago

I will get heat for this but this game should have remained PC only initially. The difficulties CD Project Red are encountering seem to be with console versions and the PC version is suffering as a result. They should of at least released the PC version then ported the title to consoles.

alexg5871345d ago

Or they should release the game when its ready and everyone can enjoy

annoyedgamer1345d ago

I never said that they should rush the game what I would have liked is they should have focused on PC, so that more programmers are focused on a single game rather than 3.

theshonen88991345d ago

I'm a PC gamer and I would rather them release all three versions together so that their combined sales can help them work through their next game.

Also, Witcher 2 was riddled with bugs when it launched and only got better when the Enhanced Edition came out alongside the Xbox port. Oh the irony.

tkato1345d ago

Sorry, are you a CDR developer?, you don't know anything you just stated for a fact, these are only rubbish assumptions.
CDR wouldn't have been able to get such a big fan base if they didn't cater to the console crowd, in the end I bet the game will sell mostly on consoles, so if there are any troubles with the console versions, they should definitely delay the game and release it when it's ready.

Khronikos1345d ago

I'd like to add here that ALL THEIR PREVIOUS PC ONLY GAMES, barring a late 360 release of W2, were all BUGGIER THAN SHIT AND NOT PLAYABLE until major rereleases and enhanced editions. They have their biggest game ever.

Dear god give them time.

Grap1345d ago

lying POS.

LightofDarkness1344d ago

@Khronikos: What? Witcher 2 was fine on release. It just got some nice extra features with the enhanced edition patch. I should know, I bought it day one and happily played through it without issue.

KwietStorm1345d ago

If by PC version suffering, you mean not yet released, that is not suffering, that is you being impatient. They would know better than any single person here what condition the game is in, regardless of platform, so let it be and wait like the rest of us.

Tex1171345d ago

Do you think that Witcher 3 would be anywhere as close to ambitious if it weren't for the projected sales of the console crowd?

seanpitt231345d ago

They wouldn't make this game pay without releasing on the consoles. That's where the money is. If every big budget game developers went pc only then they would all go bankrupt pretty quickly.

Direwolf4841345d ago

CDPR cares about bringing a game to as many gamers as possible. I'm very glad they take this attitude, as while I have a gaming PC I prefer to play multiplats on my Xbox One.

xTheMercenary_1345d ago

What you said after your first comment makes no sense, if you knew CD Projekt Red you would've known that there priority is pc but having the game release on other platforms is great news for everyone. Also @theshonen8899 sadly they said this was the last game in the franchise but hopefully they'll have another IP to develop, i love these guys.

oIITSBIIo1344d ago

I agree. TW1 is exclusive TW2 was exclusive in the first year so Yeah they should have relealed it for PC first and the peasants can wait for it when ever it's done ported.

Roccetarius1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Indeed, the game should have remained PC exclusive initially, then ported after they've released that version. Just from interviews alone, there's texture parity with the consoles amongst other things. Working on the PC alone would've given them more progress as well.

Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to suffer the same console issue.

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d_g1345d ago

this game will be in the GOTY list

can’t wait to play it

Direwolf4841345d ago

I agree, and it is guaranteed to take GOTY in my opinion. What other games are on the list for you?

d_g1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

pretty much :

batman arkham knight
uncharted 4
quantum break
rise of the tomb raider
mgs v

and we will see new gams in E3 2015

the division was in my list but after watch dogs and assassin's creed unity :/

TheRedButterfly1344d ago


Add Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5, and Zelda Wii U to the list and god damn you've got a stellar list.

2015 is going to be an amazing year for every platform! :)

NeoTribe1344d ago

Dont underestimate naughty dog for a second. They always win goty. Regardless though, im glad i finally get to play the witcher. Looks like an amazing game.

WizzroSupreme1345d ago

My hat's off to CD Projekt Red for a really upstanding attitude in an industry that's got dollar signs in their eyes more often than a quality game. I dare say that they're one of five companies this year that's actually placed their own honor at stake with their product – and Nintendo and Naughty Dog are among them. You go, CD Projekt Red.

lemoncake1345d ago

good to see a company caring about the long term and not just after a quick cash grab.

Number-Nine1345d ago

delaying to add multiplayer and on disc dlc

Pro_TactX1345d ago

There is no need for them to put DLC on disc, because all of the DLC for Witcher 3 will be free. That is how CD Projekt Red operates.

sevilha821345d ago

You obviaslly dont know sh"#$t about this guys as developers and the morals they stand for.

Number-Nine1344d ago

I suppose my joke wasn't obvious

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