Pillars of Eternity ESRB Rating Reveals Prostitution, Strong Language and Violence

Whilst we all expected a bit of violence in Pillars of Eternity, because you know, it is about running around dungeons whilst sticking arrows, swords and magic spells through the spines of dirty trolls and monsters, it's a little surprising to find out that the game will feature the world oldest profession: prostitution.

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SaveFerris1348d ago

This game sounds really great.

zeal0us1348d ago

Prostitution! Day One for me

St0rm_Cr0w1348d ago

My most anticipated game of 2015, barring some miraculous Fallout 4 announcement...

Maxor1348d ago

This game has nothing on Wasteland 2. The problem with this game is that the pause and go gameplay usually involves watching your party swing and miss a lot.

Ratty1348d ago

I'll take that over Wasteland 2 any day of the week. It's all a matter of taste.