Video: Majora's Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL - comparison

The guys over at Gaming Boulevard, show the Majora's Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL and compare it to older Zelda 3DS consoles.

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higgins781343d ago

I honestly don't get the fuss and hysteria this 'limited edition' 3ds XL has caused. I had the option on pre-ordering, I instead went for the regular black - those SNES buttons combined with black, matching my Wii U. Gold, an only in XL, AND tied to just 1 game (no matter how good)...pass. I can only see that those interested were eBay trolls, those hoping for some desperate Nintendo fanboy - not unlike myself - to fold. Just received mine this morning with the wood effect faceplate...a far more considered purchase.

eferreira1343d ago

I'm a big Zelda series fan. Didn't want to ruin my gold link between worlds edition so I got this one. The only series I really collect it basically anything The Legend of Zelda.

desolationstorm1342d ago

Part of the issue is the US doesn't have that option. New 3DS XL or nothing. I may have it pre-ordered I am not certain what gamestop is going to provide me later today.

The only reason why I'm upgrading is because it is a special edition. Been wanting to upgrade from my launch 3ds but can't justify upgrading to a regular New 3DS XL.

rawrock1343d ago

Excited to get mine soon! Got my shipping email yesterday...