Will there be a new PlayStation Vita in 2015?

What is the PS Vita, why the PS Vita is set to be around for a good while yet, and why there will be a new PS Vita in 2015. Also: why we won't ever see a PS Vita 2.

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RyanDJ1344d ago

Wow. I'm not usually one to complain but this article could boil down to about four words. There's three plus paragraphs of "keep reading to find out" and redundant links to other articles that have nothing to do with the topic.

But as for the main point, no, they won't sell a Vita without a back touch pad for cheaper. It's necessary. The game you are pointing out with your main image is Tearaway, from what I understand one of the biggest users of the back screen. Using it with off-screen play, it replaces the missing L/R 2/3 buttons. I see a bundle, but why would they make a cheaper version one year, then ANOTHER cheaper version one year later?

I don't see a lot on the horizon for the Vita. But I still want one. My house has one television, and no room for another. With the kids doing such and such when I'm not involved, I'd love to pop in a PS4 game in a handheld. The few games I'd want for portability more than make up for it as well.

Vita's a strong system, not going to sell a lot of new units these days, but that's primarily since Sony has left it alone. And in that, it's even further. Could Sony release a PS4 controller with a screen? Yes. Could they gimp out the Vita more and still call it a Vita? No.