We've Had The New 3DS XL For Weeks, And This Is What We Think

Kotaku:"We've had a couple of New 3DS XL systems in the U.S. for the last couple of weeks, one in my hands in New York City and one with Patricia out in San Francisco. We like the system, though we're not blown away by it. We have discussed this for your reading pleasure."

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Neonridr1404d ago

I wouldn't think someone who already owns a 3DS to be "blown away" with the New 3DS. As a 3DS owner myself, I am excited for the smaller changes that are being addressed. The extra shoulder buttons, the 2nd analog stick, the better 3D effect.

Can't wait to play my Majora's Mask edition tomorrow... hard to believe it's already here.

MSBAUSTX1404d ago

I was actually extremely pleased with the new 3D face tracking. It made the system twice as fun for me than my previous 3DS. The fact I can play it and not get a headache or watery eyes was worth the $100 upgrade for me.

jcnba281403d ago

I have an all black 3DS XL and can't justify picking up the new model right now because to me the changes are quite miniscule.

Now what would change my mind is if Nintendo had a few other games in the works exclusive to the new 3DS (like Xenoblade) then I'll be all over it.

A new Metroid would seal the deal.

PlayableGamez1403d ago

Ugh I never thought it would be so hard to get one. They are sold out at all of my local GameStops so I can't pick one up. I didn't know that there so much hype build upon these things.

randomass1711403d ago

I tried a kiosk that had MM on it at Gamestop and the face tracking worked pretty well. I think I'd like to upgrade if I can save up enough.

RosweeSon1403d ago

Mine was broken and after explaining I wasn't happy to just send my Majoras mask version back and have a refund I'm now booked in for repairs, just the waiting game now ;( looks nice but that new stick? Is odd to say the least but been able to properly use it as I can't get the back off the console to upgrade my micro SD card who's bright idea to put it inside there, it's tiny sure they could have done another flap on the side no? :( hey ho just a tad bitter haha. At least I should get that one back now tho rather than just get a refund.

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