Project Cars : BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 on Le Mans Bugatti

A new gameplay video from the PC version of Project Cars, starring the BMW 320 Turbo Group5 on Le Mans Bugatti Circuit, with sun and rain.

Preview version.

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Minimee3153d ago

Hope the console versions will be ok too !!

windblowsagain3153d ago

They should put a 1 track demo out for consoles and PC.

Because if you don't like the feel of the game, you won't play it.


Why did EA Kill Project CARS?

This video explains why we think Electronic Arts didn't see a future in the sim racing title Project CARS and promptly cancelled the fourth instalment.

Jin_Sakai324d ago

After the last installment I’d say most hardcore fans left. It’s just not that good anymore so I can’t really blame EA this time.

masterfox324d ago

because it was always a project and it never got finished :D

ChubbyBlade322d ago

Every game is a project. Your joke doesn’t make sense

InUrFoxHole322d ago

It makes perfect sense. It's obviously a play on the title. Jesus christ you must be a blast at parties.

ApocalypseShadow323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Ask Bullfrog or Black Box or Tiburon or Studio 33 or Criterion or any of the previously acquired developers who made racing games as competition, or as developers of EA games, then eventually dissolved into oblivion or reassigned. Just ask them. They'll tell you why.

ApocalypseShadow322d ago

Oh. I forgot. Even Code Masters were absorbed into Criterion. Another racing developer EA took over.

Every racing developer either absorbed by EA or eventually destroyed by them. They either kill competition or have them in the end make Need 4 Speed for them.

MadLad322d ago

EA only cancels projects for one reason.
They didn't see enough money in it.

Kombatologist322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Not when it's because it didn't meet some crazy margin. It's like if something doesn't make EA a billion dollars on day one (I'm exaggerating that figure of course), they swiftly put it out to pasture.

SurgicalMenace322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Much like if you're spending money on what's a bad investment for your desired goals, you'd do away with it, if you're wise. We should try to get away from thinking we know more about business than individuals that have been doing it for decades. Perhaps you could benefit from going into business instead of wasting all of your talents in comment sections. It's clear that you're the missing piece that EA's been looking for.

MadLad321d ago

I've made a good amount of money betting on underdog investments over the years.

EA sets unrealistic expectations of their more niche developers, yet continue to fund absolute blunders like DICE and the Battlefield series year after year.

dumahim322d ago

EA butted in and messed with the formula and act shocked when it doesn't work out.

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Original Project CARS creator trying to re-hire EA team

Ian Bell, the founder of Slightly Mad Studios, is aiming to hire former Project CARS employees to work on his upcoming GTR Revival project.

Sgt_Slaughter326d ago

If it's just going to be another sim-cade that doesn't do either one correctly then no thanks.

Project CARS 2 was a step in the right direction but the physics still aren't where they should have been, so what did they do for PC3? Go completely arcade. That killed the franchise.


EA dropping Project CARS

From GI.biz: "EA is dropping Project CARS, GamesIndustry.biz can reveal.

The Slightly Mad Studios-developed series was launched in 2015, with EA confirming today that it has made the decision to "stop further development and investment" in the franchise.

The announcement was made internally and it's unclear at this stage to which extent staff could be affected. EA said that employees working on Project CARS will be moved into "suitable" roles "wherever [they] can.""

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Terry_B327d ago

Typical for EA. They buy studios that created nice games..and are sooner or later destroying them and move the people to work on the old same 5+ EA series.

italiangamer327d ago

They will put the developers on the 1000th Need for Speed for the rest of their entire careers, just like Criterion.

SurgicalMenace327d ago

To be fair, it's not EAs fault it falls directly on the consumer. Everytime these companies choose to drop a series they're met with backlash though the gamers didn't support said series enough to justify its continuation. Attempting to paint every company as evil all because they're in it to succeed is ridiculous. They have to make money just like each of us typing in this section. If a job wasn't supporting you well you'd quit and find a new one, this is the same mentality concerning series.

TheColbertinator327d ago


No it is their fault. They don't listen to fans and burn the franchise to the ground by introducing elements that nobody wanted instead of increasing support for said respected franchises.

I order a steak, they make a steak. 1st sale
I order a steak again, they vomit on my steak and charge me more for it. No sale.

EA in a nutshell.

Tapani326d ago

@TheColbinator Well how do you think they make the billions then?

Their fans ARE buying their games. You are just not their focus group, and I can guarantee their customer insights team is more thorough and detailed in their reaearch than any N4G commentors’ opinion on the matter. Otherwise EA would not exist as a company, and they’d be bankrupt.

deleted327d ago

The one that still hurts the most though was Criterion w the Burnout series. Acquired Criterion's tech for their own existing IP, then shut em down. It's basically parasitic. I sure do miss Burnout's crash mode!

Hofstaderman327d ago

Sounds eerily similar to another large unnamed corporation hey. I believe some EA bigwigs shifted to that company back in the day, would explain the similarities.