New Nintendo 3DS Wireless Transfer Takes Over an Hour

It turns out that the SD card transfer system shown of by Nintendo for the New Nintendo 3DS might not be all that much quicker than just doing a normal wireless transfer.

(The system tested had Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Kart 7, and AiRace Xeno installed).

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Neonridr1346d ago

YMWV on this one. It really depends on how much digital software you have on your current 3DS.

wonderfulmonkeyman1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

It depends on how much digital content I've got?
I think I'm going to need to bring a drink with me...and a book...XD

Glgh1344d ago

Are you saying it could take longer than one hour?

Glgh1344d ago

Better get started soon, then.

Neonridr1344d ago

well put it this way, I have been doing it for just over an hour and it looks like it is between 50-75% at the moment (we will say 62.5% (since it looks to be about the middle).

I had full downloads of Link Between Worlds and Luigi's Mansion 2. Plus some VC games and a few eShop titles.

It does go pretty slow though, so make sure they have power being supplied to them (I am using the wall adapter on one and a USB cable to my laptop for the other).