Nintendo Banning 3DS Pirates from Online Use

Nintendo has begun weeding out those who are pirating on the Nintendo 3DS handheld.

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Dasteru3217d ago

The only thing i can think of is that it is detecting people playing games from other regions using the flash carts region spoofing. Neither the 3DS nor Nintendo have any way of knowing if a game is pirated or not, as long as it is the correct region. The 3DS flash carts are designed specifically so that it appears exactly as a retail cart. That is part of the reason they have limits on the number of games per cart and have dip switches on them. When you first load up a game on any 3DS flash cart, the cart flashes a partition (switch position) with a legit Nintendo game signature, making it completely impossible to tell apart from a real one.

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WizzroSupreme3217d ago

Good for them. Pirating is every company's problem. Shouldn't be tolerated in the slightest.


Nintendo Switch Has Shipped 132.46 Million Units; Tears of the Kingdom Sold Almost 20 Million Units

Nintendo announced its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, between April 1 and September 30, including an update on Nintendo Switch unit sales.

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rlow127d ago

Why PlayStation and Xbox fanboys fight. Nintendo keeps on killing it in sales. Will we see the Switch 2 next year? They are forecasting increases in sales next quarter.

MrNinosan27d ago

Xbox and Playstation is not in the same gaming space as Nintendo.

It's like comparing Sportscars with Familycars.
Why would the fans of sportcars care about the families.

Also Nintendo Switch is covering both Handheld and Home Console nowadays, instead of 2 seperate, which is great for all the Nintendo fans, but also removes the interest for gamers who seek the highest fidelity and framerate.

I am a happy owner of all platforms, but there are obvious reasons why Xbox/Playstation "fanboys" ain't talking about Nintendo.

Kneetos27d ago

Only a small subset of gamers care about high graphics and frame rate

And nintendo does occupy the same space as playstation and Xbox, because during the WiiU days this site was filled with nothing but how playstation is destroying it's competition Xbox one and WiiU, the only reason no one likes to talk about Nintendo here now is because they are winning. See why this site also doesn't talk about Japanese/Asian sales anymore unless playstation wins a week

rlow127d ago

Last I checked they are all in the same industry selling video games to customers. Device is irrelevant, they are competing for your dollars.

Neonridr27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

how are they not in the same gaming space? They all play games. They all occupy your time. Are we suggesting that the Switch isn't a gaming machine?

DarXyde27d ago

1. They are absolutely in the same gaming space. No amount of mental revision changes that. They are fighting for your interactive entertainment dollars, nacht wahr?

2. So you don't think PlayStation or Xbox are attempting to break into the portable market more in the future with cloud streaming or even Portal? That seems a bit reductive.

3. Whatever you think about their games being overrated, Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario Bros Wonder have been outstanding—Wonder is my personal GOTY, and I'm primarily a PlayStation gamer. Considering those games can and likely will get nominated for GOTY along with, say, Spider-Man 2 and Starfield, it's really hard to say they're not in the same space.

Nintentional27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Funny because that “family van” has wayyyy way way better exclusives than your “sports car.” Fire Emblem, F Zero, BotW, Pikmin, Smash Bros, Mario Odyssey and Bowser’s Fury, Splatoon, Bayonetta 2 and 3, Astral Chain, Xenoblade 1-3, SMT V, Tears of the Kingdom, Metroid Dread, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Advance Wars, Mario Party, Tetris 99, and so on. You will not find anything like most of those experiences on Sony or Xbox platforms. And it’s not like the games are ugly, they still look gorgeous on a 4K OLED, and gameplay wise, they’re head and shoulders above the competition.

If the current woefully underpowered Switch slaughtered the competition this much, it’s game over when Switch 2 comes out 👌🏼😌

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DeusFever27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

“Why PlayStation and Xbox fanboys fight.”

I’m always puzzled by these comparisons. Nintendo’s handheld only has about 30% overlap with the home console market. The Switch Lite can’t even connect to TVs. If we really want to compare disparate ecosystems, Apple makes more on games than Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft combined. So let’s leave these market segments to themselves.

repsahj27d ago

My main platform is PS5, but I am so excited for Switch 2 next year! I still play my switch every day.

jznrpg27d ago

You are forgetting Nintendo wasn’t doing very well before the Switch console wise. I still consider the Switch a handheld as it has the power of a handheld so it’s in a different category in a way. I like my Switch but the focus on family games makes it less appealing to me and it’s more for my kids but even they use their PS4 Pro more than the Switch. It’s nice as a secondary console to my PS5.

UltimateOwnage27d ago

You must not have been noticing during the Wii era when Nintendo sold 100+ million Wii’s. They were still doing quite well during Wii U’s short generation due to Wii and DS/3DS sales.

jznrpg27d ago

Nintendo was hurting before the Switch. They basically took their handheld business and combined it with their console business. The PS5 is selling just as well they just released at different times. If you are talking about Xbox sure that makes sense they are declining in sales but PS is as strong as ever.

Nintentional26d ago

What the heck is Sony working on for near future first party wise releases that’s noteworthy??

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Brazz27d ago

Switch numbers are amazing, It will reach 140M sor sure, perhaps even 150M.

Furesis27d ago

It's always funny seeing people arguing over xbox or playstation yet they never mention nintendo lol
i think nintendo is on top you know, because they actually release games and they are also FUN
i think other companies at times focus too much on realism and real world issues that they forget about the essence of gaming

H927d ago

As anticipated, Pikmin 4 was a far bigger hit in Japan than everywhere else, it's pretty much carried by Japan

repsahj27d ago

Deym!! 19.5M sales of Tears of the kingdom for only 6 months??!?!

Ryuk_200727d ago

It's actually around 4 1/2 months. This was sales from April to the end of September. Still ridiculous tho.

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Inside Nvidia's new hardware for Switch 2: What is the T239 processor?

What new hardware has Nvidia cooked up for Nintendo? Digital Foundry puts together all available info on the cutting-edge new, custom Tegra heavy on machine learning and ray tracing.

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Number1TailzFan29d ago

This will end up in a similar position to Switch with third party games. UE5 will run like crap and so will other demanding games, PS5 is already falling behind noticeably if you watch DF analysis on frame rate, texture quality and resolution.

Hopefully Nintendo don't skimp on first party titles and content within them. I thought combining handheld and home console devs was gonna have a large difference to the amount of first party titles, can't really say I saw that happen with the Switch.. No Pilotwings, no Starfox, Mario Kart lacking a good single player mode and is still not a patch on
Diddy Kong Racing etc..

Just give us quality good looking first party games with plenty of content, challenge, and 60fps. We don't want half baked third party games running like ass.

Neonridr28d ago

The PS5 is trying to push max settings. The Switch 2 won't and will rely on things like DLSS to help make up the difference.