God of War creator David Jaffe lashes out at "why are people leaving Destiny" articles

Creator of God of War and Twisted Metal David Jaffe is known for being very open about his feelings and he isn't known for his restraint while expressing them.

This time the 'open' developer has shared his two cents on Bungie's Destiny. More in particular on "the why are people leaving Destiny' articles that are appearing more and more lately:

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Blackleg-sanji1396d ago

Honestly I agree with him this time

Septic1396d ago

Same. He's on point there.

Nitrowolf21396d ago

He makes a very valid point. I can understand if this was written a month after the game released, and yea we did have articles then, but now, nearly 5 months after release it isn't surprising to see the normal count drop even more. People get bored of games they usually love after a while and move on, does that mean they won't go back? Of course it doesnt

strauser3601396d ago

its like going to a resturaunt, ordering a meal and finishing it, then telling the waiter it sucked and you want your money back.

UltraNova1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

@ strauser360

What if one of those restaurants was called Assassins Creed Unity or even Watchdogs and you simply kept "eating" just to see what was all that hype for, wouldn't you ask for your money back?


As much as I like Jaffe I don't always like his "I have an opinion on everything come read about it" attidude I have to agree with the man on this.

Reibooi1395d ago

I kinda see both sides to this honestly. The fact is that yes it's stupid to complain about the game when you have obviously gotten your moneys worth(most games dream of keeping player interest for 100).

That said alot of the negativity around Destiny is that Bungie kinda billed it as this massive world that constantly be expanding and you would always have something new and interesting to do. That isn't the case. The so called expansions have not been up to most players standards and the game is still a extremely repetitive grind fest.

But like I said if you put 100 hours into the game it kinda makes your point of being bored with it moot.

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Kidmyst1396d ago

I totally agree with him. But every game is like this for me and I'm sure many gamers, we just play the hell out of a game, love it but then are ready for the next game. I know many gamers who only play one game like League of Legends now, or only COD, if that's what you enjoy great. I get called a game whore by them because I buy several titles a year, yeah because I like GAMES!

Lon3wolf1396d ago

Yeah I'm like that now hit a game for all it's worth then move on. Although starting 14 years ago I played Q3 solid for 4 years but that is the longest commitment to any game I have ever invested.

ps360s1395d ago

I buy many games but only really played League of Legends hehe

I have a backlog of games! I should start playing them or else it will stack up even more!

UKmilitia1396d ago

but the issue is the way the game was advertised and made to be this huge world,where u become legend.
So 100 hours isnt a long time imo for that style of game.

i used to play EQ2 and i put 3 years into it and still wasnt bored,i left due to having a child and a change in job.

TFJWM1396d ago

Umm ok but I'm sure some people left eq2 after 100 hours too...

iceman061396d ago

100 hours of MOST games will leave you with the inability to do too much else. It was billed as a hybrid of open world and MMO-like game play. That's pretty much what we got...though the world was less open than first anticipated. It was NEVER meant to be EQ or WoW.

Enate1396d ago

I've played with a group of people since launch. An honestly the time in game actually doing something worth while wasn't that much. A lot of it was just bsing with friends or helping people out. The hours add up if you get on a bit each day an played heavy for the first month and a half.

A lot of people continued with the thought they they would fix the game. An now everyone is leaving because its finally gotten to the point. Where we pretty much have to in order to show them we will leave. The Bungie team basically said several times that as long as they felt the player base was high enough. They must be doing something right an pretty much said they would keep doing whatever they felt like until then.

Funny thing is as soon as the player base is actually falling off.Improvements we have been asking to have in game for months. Is all of a sudden ready to be implemented. 100 hours in Destiny can't be compared to something like 100 hours playing Final Fantasy or Xenogears.

3-4-51396d ago

I agree.

I LOVED Destiny for about 8-10 days.

And then I hit a wall..

Tried again about 2-3 more times over that next week and couldn't get back in it, so I traded it in for $45 at GS towards something else.

* I Still liked Destiny. I enjoyed what I played and the multiplayer to me was more fun than COD.

Missing was that driving force...that urge to have to play just a bit more.

It lost it's addictiveness real fast. Faster than almost any game I'd ever played up until that point.

* IMO they should have invested less in Destiny, made it more single player oriented, and packed everything ( yes the DLC) into one disc.

It could have been epic, but was just pretty good.

ion6661396d ago

I stopped because of the pay wall to level up.

Automatic791396d ago

I played Destiny for a month and lost that feeling. It was a great month but the game never delivered.

wsoutlaw871396d ago

Thats not the point and he never said it was a great game. The point is that if you enjoyed it for 100 hours, how can you complain that much. That is a long time for a game. But yes there should have been more content, but that doesn't make it a bad game

KingOfOldSkool1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )


That's exactly a part of my point however. Playtime in and of itself should have no bearing on how players are allowed to regard their experience, especially when the game was supposed to transcend typical games of its genre.

I agree that having less content than expected doesn't automatically make a game bad, but players getting varying degrees of enjoyment out of often artificially extended playtime doesn't automatically disqualify them from making legitimate complaints, 100 hours or not.

wsoutlaw871396d ago

But still you are changing the argument how ever you want. At no point did jaffe or the guy/girl you are responding to ever say that 100 hours makes it a good game. The discussion had nothing to do with the quality or enjoyment the player experienced. The only point made was, how is a game someone spent 100 hours on, too short. You can say that it's your point and thats fine but it makes no sense in response to something that is unrelated.

KingOfOldSkool1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Alright, this is has run its course as you are obviously not connecting with my point here, so let me just finish with this:

1) I never put words into anyone's mouth, Jaffe or otherwise. It was a belief, not a quote.

2) The quality and enjoyment of even a 100 hours put into a MMO hybrid like Destiny has PLENTY to do with how someone could still find the experience "short". Not all playtime is created equal, especially in carrot and stick MMO's.

Feel free to disagree with my sentiment or to keep insisting that what I'm trying to say has nothing to do with topic at hand all you want, but I firmly believe that if a player felt they were more often going through the motions with redundant and shallow content than actually getting appropriate payoffs for their time and effort, they have 'every right' to still call it short regardless of the amount of hours they put into it before coming to that conclusion.

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Christopher1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I think the difference is the MMO-style concept. The game is designed like an MMO with limited content per week to run for anything worthwhile. So, if you don't keep up with the amount of content in an MMO style, then people will move on.

I get his point if this was just a regular shooter, but it really isn't. There is limited content options for doing stuff that could get you any form of improvement. And playing PvP, while possibly fun on its own, doesn't increase that feeling of rewarding the players for what they do.

Combine this limited weekly content style with complete RNG on what you get, I can see why people are leaving.

Just because people are leaving doesn't mean that the game sucks, it only means they got everything they expected out of it, though. I don't think many are saying they're leaving because the game sucks, only because they've come to realize that their "luck" isn't changing and the limitation of content is holding them back.

kurruptor1396d ago


It is just hilarious to me that people say this game sucks, but then you look at their Bungie profile and they had 100+, 200+ or 300+ hours played.

Entitled gamers, that's my #1 complaint.

Bobby Kotex1396d ago

Not everyone played Destiny for 100 hours. I was bored after a week. David Jaffe just needs to stfu.

JWiLL5521396d ago

He's not talking about people like you, who didn't play 100 hours+. He's speaking specifically to those people.

Maybe you should "stfu" if you can't even comprehend what someone is saying.

Tapewurm1396d ago

I can't speak for others....but, I haven't put Destiny in my PS4 since about a week after the expansion.... my main character was stuck at level 29 weeks before the expansion...the bottleneck for me was the game's lack of a Raid group finder and when they turned it into a grind fest on top of that I got disgusted with it...spent a lot of time doing exotic quests and have some nice gear.....just work a different schedule than my friends and getting a raid group through the forums was unsuccessful on several attempts and it just killed it for me.... really looking forward to The Order... my PS4 has be off for a while.....been going through a whole retro phase... playing old Sega Saturn RPGs and Classics in HD with a scart and HD Converter setup (better than I remember)....

I am an old vet for online only games and have learned a lot....EQ, FF11, WoW, Socom Confrontation, Mag, Old Republic, Age of Conan, Warhawk, and Destiny...some are gone already.... all games need an offline story/mission mode to make the game worth buying and keeping.... I really think I am done with games that don't have both.

theDivision1396d ago

I agree with his points but I left because the story to me wasn't that great. I personally wasn't sucked in. It was addicting for a while but now without a good backbone (Again just my opinion) to keep me playing and interested in the expansions I am losing interest.

Do I agree it was a good game and worth my 60$ yes I do. Will I come back for destiny 2? Almost certainly especially if they keep improving it should definitely be good and worth my time.

The one critique I do have is that there is such a deep story and I don't know any of it because they took it all out of the game. I don't know I can see lingering remnants of a great story and hear that online there is amazing info in the grimoire cards but why wouldn't you have that in game?

SilentNegotiator1396d ago

The game has been out for like, 6 months. How in the heck are people whining about a game being old after 6 months??

aLucidMind1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I think people got hung up on Bungie saying they would support the game for 10 years, so they may be getting annoyed by getting bored in 6 months. Which is also understandable considering how they marketted it as having a deep lore and story with the gameplay it has. I dont think them complaining after six months due to those two things is totally unreasonable, especially since there are some single player games that I can still play and really enjoy even six to ten hears after release. I havent played Destiny, though, so I may be wrong.

AudioEppa1395d ago

Because that's the gaming world we live in now, a game is only special for two weeks and then it's onto the next thing... I don't know how people would have lived in the 90s or early 2000s..

Then it took gamers weeks or months with a game or 2 just having fun playing an replaying, some people think video games grow on trees without taking that actual work has to go into making them.

Halo2ODST21393d ago

Just because you played something for 'X' amount of time doesn't mean you're having fun for 'X' amount of time, i have played destiny for over 400 hours & i found it boring - lacking missions which weren't just horde mode as well as lacking a story, content & only havin 2 multiplayer modes, But why are ppl spending hundereds of hours on destiny while also openly criticizing it ? Because it's addictive, I kept playing the game untill i reached my target of lvl 30, woulda kept playing if they hadn't introduced Radiant Shards, the game is addictive, doesn'tmean it's worth it even if ur nearly 500 hours in of playing the same repetitive missions over & over again

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reallyNow1396d ago

spot on by Jaffe. I've been a huge fan of his games since forever. I do hope this Drawn to Death game comes together. :-D

DougLord1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Have to agree with him - if you get 100 hours out of a game its freakin phenomenal. I think if you get 30 good hours out of a game - you earned my $60. People on N4G can't wait to spend $60 on The Order for 10 hours of gameplay.

Destiny is not an MMO. It doesn't have a subscription fee. The fact that soo many people are still playing it is a real testament to its replayability. Most games die off after a few months. Bungie has already made a fortune off of it. Something like $350 million in sales vs $100mm to produce and promote. The $500mm number was production and marketing costs for 5 games and 25 expansion over 10 years. 1 game and a few expansions into it, and things are looking good. Destiny 2 is probably a 2016 launch.

BTW best value of all time DOTA. I've gotten 700 hours out of it for FREE!

BiggerBoss1396d ago

Was the added trolling really necessary? What does the Order have anything to do with Destiny?? Smh.

I got at least 300 hours out of Destiny. The game has tons of flaws but it had one big thing going for it, the gameplay was fun enough to keep me entertained for that long. I stopped playing because I wasnt about to pay $20 for DLC, but I had alot of fun with Destiny.

(p.s. I'll have alot of fun with the Order too, Douglord;)

ipach1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

yeah, it's weird. i know far cry and dragon age are better games in a way, but the nuts and bolts of moving, aiming and firing, and the sense of varied skill that destiny makes you feel you have is pretty unparalleled in first-person games. destiny has easily tripled the amount of time i've put into FC4 and DAI combined, and those are both huge and expansive games... never would've imagined that about my 2014 playmix a year ago. i can only hope bungie will be good stewards of this interest and make something truly epic for Destiny '2'

nowitzki20041396d ago

Dont mind him. He just cant stop thinking about the PS4 and its exclusives, I mean come on, its not like he has anything to do or look forward to.

IrisHeart1395d ago

I think he raises a good point and is on topic with his overall message of length. I fail to see how he is "trolling".

Lon3wolf1396d ago

10220 hours I got out of Q3 in 4 years continual play, great for the 20 odd quid cost back then. I did play in a league so that's why so much time spent on it, cant play the game for toffee now though, too old.

Perkel1396d ago

amout of hours spent =/= game is good or those hours were awesome.

Look at Diablo 3. To get to real end game and play for a bit you need to spend at least 40-50 hours at minimum

I spend 350 hours on Skyrim and about 300 of that with requem mod which fixes vanilla game which is shit.

Adrian_v011395d ago

If I add up all the time I spent on playing Bejeweled on the toilet/bus/waiting for someone/classes/trying to fall asleep etc., it would amount to more time than I spent on any other game. Still I wouldn't call Bejeweled phenomenal.

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Oschino19071396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

So now it's ok to verbally attack others and/or groups of people so long as you are defending something?

It's as if some people only respond to trolls yet attempt to generalize them as everyone who disagrees or has issues with something.

I feel the same as many who have left, I have not put in close to 100hrs. So what does Jaffe have to say to me. Shall I as in his words pretend is was a "great fu**ing game" even though the fun ran out quick.

I wonder what his views are regarding crack, meth, heroin, etc. I am sure plenty of those who put 100hrs or more into that regret the wasted time spent feeding the addiction.

Wonderful1011396d ago

''That's diff. That was my experience too. But if you and I had played for 100 hours and then got bored that would seem to me to indicate we had played a great fucking game, you know?''

- David Jaffe

Oschino19071396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

You can play a game for xxxx number oh hours but that doesn't automatically make it a "great fu**ing game".

I played BRINK for over 500hrs and had a blast with the great community but I still wouldn't call it a "great fu**ing" game" because it had glaring flaws. The flaws kept it from being great while shortining it's sustainability dramatically.

Very few are tying the disappointment to it being a bad game. More that it's a good game that has faults which hurt itself far more compared to anything a troll or groups of trolls have to say.

Some people are hypersensitive to anything that even vaguely criticizes Destiny or their game of choice. There is always a justification or special treatment which isn't showed towards other games.

Some will be defending here but look at a DriveClub, COD, Forza, Titanfall, BF, etc.. Articles and the they will be just as vocal if not more so when it comes to criticizing those games. All the while feeling it's all justified just because it's their opinion and they have a right to it. As if anyone is claiming they didn't have a right to opine.

Linkz9731396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

lololololz the point is that product that your bashing gave you the enjoyment of a 100 plus hours. Yet your calling it trash it doesn't make sense. If you play something for so long it means that it was a great game based on the enjoyment and time you spent with it. Unless you like to torture yourself by playing a good game that is trash then honestly thats your fault. Being a great game does not mean it's perfect from a technical standpoint it just means its great, awesome, or epic game just because of how much fun you had. Also seriously your comparing a videogame to a drug that slowly kills you with it's addictive properties smh, it's not that serious. The two don't even belong in the same conversation.

Oschino19071395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

@Linkz973, you are a perfect example of what I am talking about at the end of my second comment.

Here is a quote from you

"Linkz973 + 5d ago
OrangePowerz lmfaooo I got codaw and to be honest with you lost intrest very quickly. It's the same crap as all the others. They ripped off Titanfalls idea and did a horrible diservice to their fan by making zombies go into the season pass. The game's story sucked and was only saved because of spacey. But aside form that it's been crap. So many balancing issues and honestly people are just getting tired of the same recyled crap year in and year out."

Not to mention your comment here in this article about Destiny is nothing more then you arguing with yourself because you put words in my mouth, purposefully took things out of context and straight up lied about what I said just inches above you.

The only thing to "lololololz" about is yourself and your flawed sense of logic.

Speak_da_Truth1396d ago

Who plays a game for over 100 hours if they don't think the game is great?? I guess I'm just different because personally I wouldn't put in more than 10 hours if i don't like the game i.e Watchdogs.

robothouserock1396d ago

I won't even finish a two hour movie if it sucks, let alone sink 100 hours into a "boring" game. Destiny is a lot of fun, especially with friends.

MysticStrummer1396d ago

"I have not put in close to 100hrs."

How many have you put in? You could have put in 50 hours or 30 hours, or even 20 hours, and you would have gotten more play time than many games.

"I wonder what his views are regarding crack, meth, heroin, etc."

I wonder what that has to do with anything. Surely you aren't trying to compare people who like Destiny to drug addicts… are you…?

"I played BRINK for over 500hrs"

You have a very different taste in games from me. Brink was one of the biggest letdowns of last generation imo. Destiny hasn't been a letdown at all.

"Very few are tying the disappointment to it being a bad game."

I see many people call the game "garbage" or something similar.

OT - Many of the people who "left" Destiny will be back for more. Guaranteed. They're simply playing other games for now.

reallyNow1396d ago

i keep thinking about coming back, but then i remember that id have to buy the add on content to be relevant, and i dont care that much. but almost.

NarooN1395d ago

You're just talking pure nonsense at this point. How can you sink 100+ hours into a game and then claim it "wasn't great" because it had flaws? Every game in existence is bound to have flaws. Hell, one of my favorite games of all time was the original Killzone on PS2, which I spent a solid 5 years playing because of the friends I'd met on it. Sure, the multiplayer and game overall had flaws, and lots of people bashed the game and wrote it off as mediocre, yet none of that mattered to me because I'd spent literally thousands of hours over that 5+ year period playing the game and enjoying the hell out of myself whilst doing so.

To any sane and rational person, that would constitute "a great f***ing game", unless you and/or some friends found some abysmal pile of trash and willingly subjected yourselves to it because you're a bunch of raving masochists.

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WESKER20151396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

yeah, people cant shut up about destiny it seems, a day doesn't go by where i dont see at least one destiny article, gives me nightmares

ipach1396d ago

my PSN friends list went from ~100 to nearly 400 all on the heels of destiny. and today when i look at my friend list, like 20-30% online at any given time are STILL on destiny, more than 5 months post launch. it's crazy. i thought bungie was going to make some epic space opera shooter shared world dramatic action game thing, but no they made crack. pure filthy crack for the console crowd. um. more please.

JeffGUNZ1396d ago

Exactly. I am hooked and I had no interest in this game at all until I played the open beta. It's the only game I care to play and I love every minute of it. SO many hours in and I still look forward to playing it. Sure, flaws are there and I wish they supported it on a more regular basis with PvE events and what not, but I am still hooked. Game is addicting.