Xbox One Exclusive Mystereet F Gets New Key Art; Characters and New Character Designer Revealed

A while ago the former character designer of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive visual novel Mystereet F: Tantei-tachi no Katenkru had to call it quits due to health issues, and today 5pb. and Asada Productions revealed the new character designer.

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gamerfan09091345d ago ShowReplies(1)
WESKER20151345d ago

this will defo help MS in the Japanese market, Microsoft really needs to fund shenmue 3 if im honest ;)

Septic1345d ago

MS are gonna need a hell of a lot more though to make a dent in Japan. A hell of a lot more.

WESKER20151345d ago

for sure, but every little helps, its a step in the right direction, with games like D4 and Psycho Pass, the more the better

oSHINSAo1345d ago

Anyone knows something about LXP ??? hope to know more about what they are cooking... and no, is not Meth

qwerty6761345d ago

this wont do anything at all to help drive xb1 sales.

chaos child didn't exactly help either.