Future Press explains why you need to buy the official Bloodborne guide and more

Future Press explains why you should buy the official Bloodborne guide and talks about the benefits of preordering.

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Dhampir3217d ago

More like a great way to ruin the game for yourself.

goldwyncq3217d ago

No,not at all. I would never have found out how to enter the painted world or about the existence of another serpent in Dark Souls if I didn't use a guide. Game guides can be used to enrich the gaming experience too.

Dhampir3217d ago

If you use a guide on your first play through, you do ruin the game.

It's not like we have anything like castlevania 2's tornado to do in games anymore.

rdgneoz33216d ago

One of the few reasons I'd get the guide would be because of the guy working on the guide, youtuber named EpicNameBro ,who has done a tone of videos for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, piecing together the lore left behind on various items and such.

That and a hardcover with 400 pages, and a dynamic theme are also nice.

crazychris41243217d ago

With videos and guides online do people buy these anymore? The last guide I bought was for GTA Vice City. Which was 13 years ago. My god am I getting old.

Maxor3216d ago

Nobody pay for guides anymore except for fanboys. There will be hundreds of YouTubers begging you to watch their vids.

Ch1d0r13216d ago

No thanks, ill find death myself.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart3216d ago

It's not really about having a book to tell you where to go and how to defeat enemies. I preordered the the collectors edition guide because of all the other features it has such as an in depth lore guide, lots of art work, bestiary with info on the monsters, an it has a gorgeous hard back cover with nice art design on it. I payed 20 dollars for it since it's on sale and it's 400 pages. That is a steal in my book for something like this. It also comes with a dynamic Bloodborne theme for your PS4. I refuse to look at it until I'm finished with the game. I agree that it would spoil the experience if you use it to find out how to go everywhere and do everything. I want to get lost in Yharnum myself and explore the horrors that await me. Sorry for the long reply lol.

SpinalRemains1383214d ago

This is simply flapping of the gums.

Many many gamers had to figure out Demons Souls before the wiki existed and we guinea pigged the game the hard way, and it was actually a lot more fun that way.

Yes it takes about ten times longer and tons of experiments, but its fun. No gamer ever "needs" a guide.


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Crows9015d ago (Edited 15d ago )

The best games of their generation too. Its incredible how great most if not all of playstations games are. Whether you like the stories or not you cant deny the quality of each title.

Hated tlou part 2. But im going to buy it when it is cheap enough because i want to play the remastered content for $10 extra dollars. Theyre adding a roguelike mode...thats going to be fun!

16d ago

5 Games to Play If You Miss Bloodborne

Diana writes: "Bloodborne is a video game milestone. Since its release, back in 2015, it has managed to enchant a large portion of gamers who have not held back in defining FromSoftware's work a true masterpiece. Despite this enormous success, the development team has never ruled on the possibility of being able to see a sequel sooner or later, even if there have been countless rumors about it over the years."

DOMination-115d ago

If you've got the space and budget, then you can't go wrong with Kinect Sports. Otherwise, if you want the cheap option, Blood borne ain't bad

geekmandem114d ago

I'll have to give Blood borne a try. Is it any good?

jznrpg115d ago

If I want to play Bloodborne I play Bloodborne.

geekmandem114d ago

Good, here are 5 other suggestions :)

OhReginald114d ago

Bloodborne didn't go no where. You can still play it. It's okay.

OhReginald113d ago

Bro this is a video game website. You think any of us go to parties.

geekmandem113d ago

Aye, but if you did... is what I'm saying. Bro.

GoodGuy09114d ago

The only souls game that hasn't had a 60fps version yet and it's regarded as one of the very best...sony...what yall doing?

Tapani114d ago

Bloodborne is the medicine to Bloodborne, not a lower quality copy cat alternative.


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EvertonFC157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I think Sony are doing a remaster tbh, I think we'll get it twd the end of the gen with a PS6 cross over.
The game still feels relatively new imo.

Bobertt157d ago

If i remember correctly From Software had said the code for Bloodborne was kind of a mess so they didn't think another studio could remaster it properly so they would have to do it but they have been busy with Elden Ring and Armored Core. I think after the Elden Ring DLC comes out then they will work on or release a Bloodborne remaster because it doesn't make sense to release both so close to each other when they are similar types of games.