Team Four Star's Nappa in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

It has been discovered that a special guest voice will appear in the English version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Team Four Star’s very own Takahata101 who voices Nappa from Dragon Ball Z Abridged has been added to the custom created character list as an optional voice. You can listen to all his contributions to the game in the video below.

Nappa Starts at 17:46

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SeanScythe3152d ago

Day 1 buy now! Wish they had vegeta also.


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opinionated2035d ago

APB had a pretty sweet character creator and that’s not mentioned. I agree with xenoverse and dragon’s dogma. The Bethesda games kinda suck in this regard imo.

aarogree2034d ago

Only so much room in a ten entry list.

Uglyday2034d ago

Forza’s layering system is the best character creator out there. Everytime I go to place tattoos on some elf’s face I think about how much better Forza could do it.