Tecmo Koei release new Toukiden: Kiwami screens & videos

Some new assets released by Tecmo Koei from their forthcoming action game Toukiden: Kiwami coming to the PS4 and PSV.

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Paul853152d ago

Preordered this last Tuesday super excited for this game!

paul-p19883147d ago

My most anticipated game this year, I loved the original and cannot wait to get this!!


Rating Each of the Vita's Localization Studios

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "What I aim to examine in this article is the output of each of the major localization companies, in terms of what they released, what they chose not to release (including when they localized titles for other platforms but skipped the Vita version), as well as some brief commentary on the quality of their translations, before providing an overall rating on their support (outstanding -> amazing – > good -> solid -> poor).

A large part of the reason I love Vita so much is thanks to its brilliant selection of Japanese games and that’s really what I want to celebrate here, but also lament some of the missed opportunities we had along the way."

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Amazon September Game Deals Highlight: 9/7

"Amazon has added new game deals for September 7th. Deals are FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward $14, Assassins Creed Unity Limited Edition $8, Toukiden: Kiwami $21 and lots more!"

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Amazon Weekend Game Sales For Labor Day

"Amazon has added new game deals for this weekend. Deals include Battleborn $20, The Technomancer $30, Dragon Ball Xenoverse $20, Evolve $10, Forza Horizon 2 $32, Quantum Break $33 and lots more!"

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