Are DLC-heavy games like Evolve hurting the gaming industry?

"For years I’ve been trying to figure out where the term DLC popped up within the gaming industry. It’s certainly not a term I’ve grown up gaming through the 90’s. Initially, I’ve heard people using the term, not even knowing what it represented"

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Abash1370d ago

Definitely. Also games that are purely about online are harming the industry

JChambers1370d ago

Not all DLC's are bad, but I feel like those that add no real value to a game are.

thekhurg1370d ago

Evolve does nothing positive for the gaming industry from a consumer standpoint. It's the very definition of everything WRONG with publishers and developers in today's market.

If they need $80 per unit sold to make a profit, then sell the game for $60, offer a $20 season pass and give those buyers *everything* you're offering for DLC. Everything. All of it.

Don't offer $85 in day one DLC on top of the $60 price tag. It's offensive and down right disrespectful to gamers everywhere that you treat them this poorly.

Gamer19821370d ago

I think DLC is going in the wrong direction I think what should be DLC is things like FIFA roster updates and COD yearly updates rather than new games for a price of say £25/$30 rather than a new full game but they won't do that as the game takes them only a couple of months to make as they basically have to do nothing as there using the same engine and they can instead charge you full RRP for a game. This is whats wrong with DLC. No damn map packs and skins thankyou..

I don't mind new experiences on my JRPG like an extra 20+ hours for £20 instead of a semi sequel (looking at your final fantasy!) But devs instead keep charging full price and you know why?? Because idiots actually buy these games!! It's why I only buy a new FIFA every 4 years or so and NEVER would buy a game like Evolve until the complete pack comes out in 6 months time for £20 on STEAM. Those people who buy day 1 and then buy DLC later are the ones who tell devs and publishers to carry on doing this..

Septic1370d ago

" Also games that are purely about online are harming the industry"

No friggin way. What kind of logic is that.

That's like me saying that games are purely single player online are harming the industry, therefore, The Order 1886 is bad.

In fact, I could make a better case for the above stance.

How on earth are online only games harming the industry??! Battlefield 2, all those years ago, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, all those games harmed in the industry?

That's an incredibly short-sighted statement.

Couldn't disagree more with you.

KumquatGOATBEEF1370d ago

I agree. In my opinion multiplayer offers more replay value which gives a game a longer lifespan. Destiny is pretty much online only and there are millions of people with hundreds of hours poured into the game. Warhawk was one of the best games on PS3. Online only games do, however, appeal to those who like those types of games so if it's not your cup of tea you're not going to miss it. It's just like someone not playing a horror game because they don't like horror games.

DLC, on the other hand, is running rampant across ALL types of games. It's a plague that needs to be stopped and affects the wallets of gamers everywhere, giving developers/publishers more reason to cut content with the hopes of selling it later. Online only games can be avoided if you don't like them, especially because they are not as common as you think, but you can't avoid DLC at all.

kayoss1370d ago

I hate DLC as the next person. But arent the DLC's from Evolve are all optionals. I mean the DLC's available does nothing for the game other than aesthetics right?
If the DLC affect gameplay and how a person progress is a big NO NO (Im looking at you Destiny).

ManAnimalX1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )


"But aren't the DLC's from Evolve are all optional's"

Sure they are, but when You've already paid $60, these optionals should be included free of charge, as an incentive to keep people playing the game.

But what was once free in past generations and optional has now become "Monetized" and optional.

Why? Greed, and that is Unethical, and unacceptable, and not in the best interest of the game consumer.
“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” - Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

starrman19851370d ago

This type of DLC is awful, what happened to EARNING things like character and weapon skins, that way you can show them off - rather than just show off how much money you are willing to spend...

However I disagree that online only games are harming the industry, look at CS:Go for example. When online only competitive games are done right they can be fantastic. The main problem we are having this generation is massive server instabilities.

d3nworth11369d ago

I don't think purely online games are bad but definitely DLC heavy games. Evolve just came out and has a ton of dlc which begs the question. Did they intentionally leave stuff out the main game to sell it to you separately?

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Jonny5isalive1370d ago

well it hurts my feelings. But it hurt itself, seeing as it is a flop. I see it doing bad on amazon and also has poor user reviews. Expect price cuts soon!

AKissFromDaddy1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Out of 105 PlayStation 4 reviews of Evolve on Amazon, only a laughable 24 of them are verified purchases.

77% of Evolve's PS4 Amazon reviewers didn't purchase the game, let alone from Amazon, lol.

Additionally, of the 24 verified reviewers, only 10 of those verified reviewers rated Evolve w/ 3 stars or less out of five stars. About 58% of the verified reviewers rated 4 or 5 stars out of 5 possible stars. Nonetheless, even the 3 star reviews praise Evolve:

"Absolutely love the game and can't stop playing. 3 Star until I get the pre-order bonuses I was promised. Also, too much DLC and too expensive. Ridiculous." -Ahawkeye419

"Definitely a fun game and worth purchasing, although the confusion as to which version of the game you buy is still annoying and to be honest, a bit of a pain. If you purchase the standard edition you'll most certainly have fun; even in single-player mode. Expect to be bombarded with DLC and consider that purchasing the game for $60 is probably just the start. Allocate some extra $$ if you want to stay current with characters/monsters and customizations." - Ryan Manning

"So will I keep playing it, or sell it off? I think I will keep playing it, because it's addictive, and fun." - Rahim Hashim "hulk23869"

Evolve is ranked 16th in best selling PS4 games on Amazon, against established IPs on sale like:

Far Cry 4 for $40; Shadow of Morder for $30; The Last of Us Remastered for $30, Advanced Warfare for $40; Dragon Age Inquisition for $30, inFAMOUS Second Son for $20, Destiny for $40; and PS4 exclusives Bloodborne and The Order: 1886.

It's doing very well on Amazon for a new mutliplat, multiplayer-only IP.

Evolve is ranked 8th for Xbox Ones best selling games

As usual, it's behind established IPs such as:
Far Cry 4 for $40; Advanced Warfare for $35 (Damn); Shadow of Morder for $30; Halo MCC for $43; and Destiny for $40.

Of the 57 Evolve Xbox One reviews on Amazon, a mere 17 of them are verified. That's over 70% of Evolve's Xbox One reviewers not buying Evolve, let alone not from Amazon, lol.

In addition, of the 17 verified reviewers, only 6 of those verified reviewers scored Evolve 3 stars or less out of five possible stars. About 65% of the verified reviewers rated 4 or 5 stars out of 5 possible stars.

Unless I'm mistaken, Evolve is selling exceptionally well on Amazon; Scores wells with actual verified costumer; and scored pretty well with critics for a new IP and online multiplayer only game.

Maybe I'm truly mistaken and that's considered a "flop" as you wrote...but I doubt it is, lol

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