WiiMote mocks the Sixaxis

You'll see...

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Odiah4340d ago

Can someone explain how that mocks ps3?

sandip7874340d ago

well it does copy the ps3 adverts with the rubiks cube n that. but this is done by a random guy aint it? not actually nintendo. so by mock, i think it means copy, not actualli take the mick outta it.

PS360WII4340d ago

PlayStation had a comercial out were the sixaxis controller moved the eggs towards them and them ran them into a wall that turned them all into ducks or something... was that cool. With this one we have the Wii Remote moving the eggs towards then up and starts shooting them like you can with games and slices it. Pretty good one accually

death monk4340d ago

I never understood the PS3 commercials. From the PS3 commercials I understand that I would be buying some kind of telekinetic machine which will randomly solve my rubiks cube... because it's smarter, and faster. Telekineses aside, the whole smarter, faster thing makes me think the people behind the advertisement just finished watching the $6 million man.

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The story is too old to be commented.