20 Questions with Battlefield Hardline’s Dan Mitre

LevelSave Writes:

After he caught his breathe we took a few minutes to chat with Dan Mitre about BF Hardline and the Beta. Going over the crazy 7 million players to play, what the feedback means for the release date, and hamburgers!

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Rob Hornecker1371d ago

I wish he would of asked him about a season pass.

xPray4Deathx1371d ago

While I would have loved to ask him that question, I have seen that asked of him and other EA/DICE staff on twitter and it gets the "no comment" answer, so choose not to.

Thanks for the feedback!


Rob Hornecker1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

No problem. As the release date gets closer I'm shure we will hear more about the season pass and add on dlc. As it stands now I eagerly awiat the release on 3/17...I'm already missing the open beta!

xPray4Deathx1370d ago

You and me both.. I have a full HD of videos from it, that I watch when I get lonely.

Ya they like to drop news each week about it