The Order 1886: Borders- A Scientific Assessment [Satire]

"The aim of this experiment is to prove or disprove the theory that black borders allow us to see more, and make everything better"

"taking away the top and bottom of the image actually reveals more of the scene to the player"

Asa from Gameondaily pursues his obsession with borders and the effect they could have on our games.

This is satire.

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gangsta_red1343d ago

I bet after playing for a few hours you would probably forget about the borders.

For The Evil Within, I didn't notice after a while...but then I started noticing a lot of other flaws with that particular game.

ArchangelMike1343d ago

Can someone please explain to me how my comment above is "off-topic"?

Are we not talking about The Order 1886? Are we not talking about black-borders? At time of writting my comment only has 1 disagree.

So how is it off topic? What's really going on here?

Septic1343d ago

Yeah I'm a bit confused about that too. Yeah you did go on a tirade about how this was just clickbait, which I completely disagree with, and the purpose of the article seems to have gone way over your head, but I don't think you were off topic.

I think maybe a mod stepped in because it set a precedent for all sorts of partisan name calling to start flying around.

Mind you, you confused the article for it bashing The Order and it's borders. We weren't doing that. It was a satirical piece based on the response we got from the first article. So maybe that's why it's off topic. Because what you think the article was about and what it really is about are two different things. The pictures, the jokes and the memes should have made it clear. The satirical nature of it is obvious. Now that it has a fat SATIRE tag, it shouldn't confuse anyone

ArchangelMike1342d ago

Really Septic? Really? I thought you were mature enough to be open to healthy debate and discussion?! I guess I was wrong. In any case it simply proves my point about the article being click-bait in the first place. Here's the scenario...

Author submits click-bait article. Gets upset for being called out as such. Down votes on-point discussion about said article as being allegedly 'off-topic'. Purpose is obvious - hide comment thread so that more people can click on said click bait article.

None of the comments were off-topic. All of them were discussing opinions of The Order 1886 and the relevance of the black bars to the quality of the game. Because it tagged as 'Satire' doesn't mean it can't be discussed and debated in an open thread.

FYI if you can't handle open debate and discussion on the articles you submit, you're going to get really hurt around here... alot. A word of advise - don't be so obvious!!!

Septic1342d ago

Eh?? I didn't flag this is as off topic! Like you, I was wondering how it was off topic so was trying to understand the mod's logic. I even said it in my first paragraph in the reply.

What is wrong with you lot honestly? I ccouldn't spell it any clearer in my reply. And it was just a proper response. The irony there is, you can't even handle a proper debate because you've just throw all your toys out of the pram.

DigitalRaptor1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I don't want to get into the argument, but I'd like to ask you.

Is this not GameOnDaily's second article about The Order's black borders? As a major contributor to that site, would you consider that necessary or could you explain to me the point of that? Maybe a podcast about the aspect ratio is next in line? :)

So out of curiosity, will you be reviewing it or will the author who seems obsessed with the black borders be doing that?

DougLord1342d ago

If you notice the black bars for more then 30 seconds, the game must not be very good.

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