The Witcher III open world is more like DA Inquisition than Skyrim

In a recent interview CD Projekt RED says that The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will have an open world structure more similar to Dragon Age Inquisition than Skyrim. So big areas and not a streamed world.

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Bigpappy1344d ago

Kind of what I suspected. Skyrim's world is built based on the same code they developed since Morrowind. It took them over a decade to build a world that has living breathing worlds,with wild life and such, where every home cave and person can be interacted with. Even fallout used that old code.

Qrphe1343d ago

>It took them over a decade

It took them 6 years which is the span between Daggerfall and Morrowind. Oblivion and Skyrim have been a step forward and one or two steps back ever since.

CyrusLemont1343d ago

It's actually inbetween DAI and Skyrim by what the developer states in this interview:

TL;DR: Different areas like Dragon Age, all seamlessly connected and explorable (Like Skyrim) through clever in game loading e.g. Riding a boat along the sea, or waiting for a giant gate to open into an enormous kingdom full of NPCs etc.

Ultra TL;DR: It loads the map while you traverse through obstacles.

DragonKnight1343d ago

+Bubble for Ultra TL;DR. That's the first time I've ever seen anyone do anything like that.

ifistbrowni1343d ago


Especially since the first TL;DR summary was short to begin with.

ArchangelMike1344d ago

I had no problems at all with the way DA:I did it's 'open world' (apart from the 101 fetch quests), the areas were still truly massive. I absolutely loved the locations in The Witcher 2, and that wasn't even open world - it didn't need to be anyway. It worked extremely well for the story it was trying to tell. I'm sure however CDPR has decided to do 'open-world' will still work really well.

Cy1344d ago

Good. Narrative based games need some kind of structure. Story always suffers from a true open world unless it's a GTA style game.

WESKER20151344d ago

thats good, skyrim just felt too big, i was just staring at snow all day last time i played it

born_naughty1343d ago

Finally someone who's not afraid to say what I think ;-)

WESKER20151343d ago

i have no allegiances on N4G ;)

smolinsk1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Sad to hear that, skyrim was the best, even if the world could have been bigger, no other games have a more living world then skyrim and fallout 3, nothing even come close if you ask me. Just Hate those cheating semi open world games like mordor, Dragon age and so on. Be fully open or stay arcade.

aliengmr1343d ago

Yea but Skyrim + DLC would then be demoted to not open. Same with Fallout.

In fact the major towns in Skyrim were all gated off from the world.

That's the problem with defining "open" as entirely gateway free.

So basically there's nothing to be sad about, Skyrim and Fallout did exactly the same thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.