Evolve: a bug undermines progress, Turtle Rock is investigating

Last night, during one of the sessions of play that are accompanying me to the review that you will find soon on these pages, are indirectly involved in an onerous bug Evolve...

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BattleAxe3153d ago

People who bought the PC Monster Race Edition for $99.00 must be pissed....

Ristul3153d ago

They will release a patch, only $6 for those who got the limited edition!


Evolve or Die: The final days of the follow-up to Left 4 Dead

Back in 2016, Turtle Rock announced that support for its 4v1 monster-hunting shooter Evolve would end but fans wouldn't let it die.


2K Support Hacked, Warning Issued To Affected Users

The help desk platform used by 2K Games for its customer support has been hacked, with malicious emails sent to certain players.

JBplusVB374d ago

I was one of those users that got an email. Good thing I didn't open it. The email is from actual 2k support so I'm sure many people opened them. Scary stuff Take Two. You guys should invest some of your billions of dollars into some advancements for network security. I wonder who's getting hacked next at Take Two. First GTA 6 and now this.


‘Evolve: Stage 2’ is back from the dead as peer-to-peer servers come back online

From NME: "Evolve: Stage 2 had its multiplayer servers shut down back in 2018, but today players are once again able to matchmake and join peer-to-peer multiplayer games.

Several months ago, peer-to-peer functionality was lost for Evolve Legacy, which was the only way fans of the series could play with friends. Upon a multitude of players reaching out to publisher 2K, the issue was eventually fixed earlier in July. It seems 2K have gone a step further now, and reinstated peer-to-peer and matchmaking functionality for Evolve: Stage 2 after four years."

MIDGETonSTILTS17430d ago

^^this, I have so many awesome skins on Xbox that I’d rather not lose

Germaximus430d ago

Yes so far because it's just the servers alone coming on and the console version never had the free-to-play update.

I imagine if they find people playing the PC version and enough players are enjoying it then they'd probably reconsider opening console as well but I wouldn't count on it.

The game was epic as a monster. Hunters were really boring to play as to me.

LordoftheCritics430d ago

I used to play this a bit.

Was kinda fun.