Lords of the Fallen Started As A Roman Theme Before The Demon Stuff

GG3 writes: "Developer Deck13 Interactive, makers of the tough Lords of the Fallen release from October last year, have stipulated a postmortem for the game. It goes over several points, both good and bad, detailing such things as working with new technology, adjusting scope and struggling to launch on time."

thekhurg3148d ago

Interesting. I'm glad they went the Humans/Rhogar route though, it made for some cool choices at the end.

Maxor3147d ago

This game hit the sweet spot for me. I could not handle the Souls game. They're simply too hard and frustrating. Lords of the Fallen however was right though I simply hate the ridiculous level layout that is confusing just for the sake of complexity.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3147d ago

Maybe should have stocked to it. It definitely would have been a Ryse killer.

RG_Dubz3147d ago

Too bad the game was gonna suck either way, gameplay is so slow and horrendous.

Aon3145d ago

For me good to know they find a common language and finally we can play on this game. Sometimes nice is read about development process. I very like Lords of the Fallen and I hope they do next part of this game soon.

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Discovering strange worlds of Lords of the Fallen hidden behind a lamp's light (Gamescom preview)

Greetings to all of the fallen lords, who are eagerly awaiting new grand soulslike title! During this years Gamescom 2023 I had the pleasure of meeting the developers of Lords of the Fallen and had a blast playing thorough their upcoming game during my one hour session. The game is coming out in less then two months so if you are curious and are looking for some authentic gameplay, consider checking out my thoughts in the article above.

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Lords of the Fallen preview – more than enough soul to stand out | The Loadout

HexWorks reveals a new slice of Lords of the Fallen gameplay to explore, and The Loadout has been hands-on at Gamescom with the Dark Souls competitor.

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Lords of The Fallen has gone Gold

Lords of the Fallen has officially Gone Gold, launching October 13th.

Becuzisaid31d ago

The seemingly general lack of enthusiasm for this game everywhere is telling. The showcase was not anything different than what we've been playing for years. The reality shifting could be really well implemented, like old school Soul Reaver, but that's about it. The only thing this game has on FromSoft games is maybe the water looks a lot better.

phoenixwing31d ago

I'm thinking it's flying under the radar because there's so many souls like games. If it's genuinely a good souls like then it will sell anyway. Regardless of whether it lives up to fromsoft or not.

savedsynner31d ago

Agreed. Remnant 2 i think caught alot of people by surprise, including me. I played the first one for about 15 minutes and put it down. I really enjoyed the second except the non linear nature of it.

Ashunderfire8631d ago

Praise the Sun 🌞 so many games this fall are going Gold! This one ☝️ is the ONE to lookout for guys! Lords of The Fallen, Alan Wake 2, and Spider-Man 2 Day ONE for me!!!!

savedsynner31d ago

I think this game will rise or fall on the secondary world mechanic. They've obviously spent a ton of dev resources on the Umbral realm. If it's good, I think this game will be awesome...if it's just a gimmick, this'll be a 6/10 game. I say that because the gameplay we've seen so far looks really good.

The fact they went gold over 6 weeks before release is a good sign.

Tacoboto31d ago

It looks ok but I'm in a couldn't-care-less mood about it. Release timing for one and the lacking a demo is another major knock.

Spider-Man 2 is only 7 days later along with Mario. Then AW2 is only another 7 days later. BG3 is a 100+ hour rpg I'll still be playing and likewise for Starfield. Cyberpunk is later in September with a remade base game and DLC that's looking to be shaping up nicely.

Lies of P (an original IP) launches Sept 19 and is in Game Pass. If I did have the time for a soulslike title, I'd spend it on the new IP over the... reboot of what was just a mid game that released a decade ago and hasn't been confident enough to give us a playable demo.

Both Lies of P and Wo Long (as did Nioh 1 and 2 before them) gave us demos/trials months before their releases to get fan feedback, this team actively decided against a demo. That tells me more than any preview (good or bad) could.


This will be MY GOTY. I LOVE souls games an this game looks to capture to feel of a Souls game better than any I’ve seen. Definitely day one for me no questions asked.

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