Lords of the Fallen Started As A Roman Theme Before The Demon Stuff

GG3 writes: "Developer Deck13 Interactive, makers of the tough Lords of the Fallen release from October last year, have stipulated a postmortem for the game. It goes over several points, both good and bad, detailing such things as working with new technology, adjusting scope and struggling to launch on time."

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thekhurg1348d ago

Interesting. I'm glad they went the Humans/Rhogar route though, it made for some cool choices at the end.

Maxor1348d ago

This game hit the sweet spot for me. I could not handle the Souls game. They're simply too hard and frustrating. Lords of the Fallen however was right though I simply hate the ridiculous level layout that is confusing just for the sake of complexity.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1347d ago

Maybe should have stocked to it. It definitely would have been a Ryse killer.

RG_Dubz1347d ago

Too bad the game was gonna suck either way, gameplay is so slow and horrendous.

Aon1345d ago

For me good to know they find a common language and finally we can play on this game. Sometimes nice is read about development process. I very like Lords of the Fallen and I hope they do next part of this game soon.

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