DirectX 11 to get announced this month

Microsoft will start talking about DirectX 11 in less than two weeks. Sources have confirmed that Microsoft game technology conference, previously known as Meltdown and now renamed to Gamefest 2008, will be the place where Microsoft plans to officially announce DirectX 11.

This conference takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of June in Seattle, Washington and it will set you back $550 if you register online.

The big feature of DirectX 11 is Tessellation/Displacement while it's also been heard that Multithreaded Rendering and Compute Shaders are part of it. DirectX 11 also brings Shader model 5.0 but not many details are known about it.

It looks like DirectX 11 will stick to rasterization as there isn't any mentioning of Ray tracing support.

Nvidia will also talk about DirectX 11 at its Nvision event / conference in late August 2008.

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Bolts4387d ago (Edited 4387d ago )

Thats really big news considering the fact Nvidia isn't even supporting shader 4.1 yet. But considering how much DX 10 sucks and require Vista, I doubt DX 11 will excite unless the performance is up to par.

Oh, with tessellation and displacement DX11 is basically featuring a much hyped feature of the PS3, 4D LOL!

thereapersson4387d ago

What do you want to bet there will be no XP support?

Bolts4387d ago

There's no way DX 11 is coming for XP. That will be a fiasco for Vista, which desperately need a shot in the arm to be viable gaming OS after the DX 10 bomb. Nope, if MS is smart, and they're usually are, DX 11 is coming to Vista to keep it afloat till Windows 7.

If this new DX pans out it could do to Vista what DX7 did to ME. In other words, make it something gamers actually want to have.

Charmers4387d ago

Erm "DX pans out it could do to Vista what DX7 did to ME. In other words, make it something gamers actually want to have." please tell me that was sarcasm. I have been at this 20 years and I clearly remember Windows ME, it wouldn't have mattered if they had released Dx20 on Windows ME people would still avoid it like the plague.

As for Dx11, it just goes to show what a failure Dx10 was then really, if they are talking about Dx11 so soon. It is either that or MS want PC gamers to road test the thing before they cram it into their next console.

GIJeff4386d ago

was the only windows i ever had that never gave me a BSOD and ran flawlessly. Apparently, nobody shared my experience...i guess it was my awesome combo of hardware: Athlon 1GHZ, 512SDRAM, GeForceMX440, SiS motherboard.

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Fishy Fingers4387d ago

Whats the odds this is only capable using Windows 7.

Varsarus4387d ago

Microsoft have realised they failed with DirectX 10, aswell as Vista, prepare to be crushed even more when OpenGL 3.0 comes! AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Pain4386d ago

since Sony's PS3 runs Open GL and KILLING Dx 10.

n00bzRtehgey4386d ago

is that why 360 games look and run better than ps3 games? lol, emo [email protected]

Pain4386d ago

"is that why 360 games look and run better than ps3 games?"
- No its since the Xbox 2 is Nothing more then a Hi-rez XBOX 1 thats No different to program and porting its inferior held back game on the "takes time to learn greatness PS3". sure.

" emo [email protected] "
- Oh Noes a Yanky teenager called me a 'Emo [email protected]'... wow must have strained that brain cell cumin up with that....

DaddyDC6504387d ago

I'd rather have them hold off on DX11 for a few more years. Crysis tells me that DX10 is just fine and should hold us over.

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The story is too old to be commented.