The Bitbag: Mario Kart Wii Review

The Bitbag writes: "The latest Mario Kart is going to be a definite buy for fans of the Mario Kart series as the game includes many goodies for the faithful few. The Big N has packed in so many tributes to previous titles as well as many other games of the Nintendo universe that it's sure to provide plenty of nostalgia for older gamers. For the rest of the world, though, it's questionable whether the game is worth a whole half-a-bill.

First of all, I quickly disposed of the Wheel. Sorry. Not a fan. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo is the most comfortable and intuitive and I believe it is easier to perform all the functions that are available in the game with the said combination. Holding the Wheel in front of you in mid-air is just not a comfortable experience. Sure, my kids thought it was neat, but it wasn't for me. I also don't like holding the Wii Remote sideways and I've never felt the need to pay extra for the Classic Controller, so I can't comment on either of those methods."

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