Destiny player spotted with Light 42 Vault of Glass Light gear

Thanks to Reddit user AerobicPie73630 for pointing this out and recording it on his Xbox.

The above mentioned users encountered a Destiny player walking around in the Tower level 42 Vault of Glass Light gear.

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Eidolon2171d ago

Danng, I quit at like 25 and thought it was hard to get any higher XD, traded in for GTA5.

Stapleface2171d ago

Devs running around with buffed up weapons and all they want to do to ours is nerf them because the "total kill time" is too fast for some weapons. LOL

kayoss2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I'm at level 22 and i cant do any hard raid because my armor are too week, dont have enough money to buy legendary weapons, and put in almost 80hrs into this game. But I swear that i have not have a legendary drop. The only thing i get are those legendary materials. I've spent 3 hours at one of those loot cave and nothing...

USA0072171d ago

You shouldn't be using a loot cave, as they were made obsolete back in October. The best way to level up is run strike playlists for engrams and collect vanguard or crucible marks and buy the gear from the vendors.

If you have actually played 80hrs and been doing beneficial things, then you should have enough to buy at least 3 of those armor pieces

Stapleface2171d ago

Yeah, your not putting those hours in where they count. Do the highest level strike playlist you can get. Legendary drops are few and far between these days. I have got pretty lucky lately with getting them, but I generally end up with materials from the engrams. A few hours will have you enough vanguard marks for a set of legendary armor minus the helmet, as you'll have to wait to get more marks to buy that, they are 120 marks for some reason. Everything else is 75. So a few hours, for 2 weeks (Tuesday reset obviously) and you'll be to level 31. 32 you'll have to Raid for. And hope that RNGesus loves you. Vaguard Tigers and Rocs are the best place for engrams. It will help you build your Vanguard level and Cryptarc level, both with a chance at legendary gear upon level up.

GameSpawn2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

Loot caves are done. There is not really ANY spawn spots less than 10-20 seconds, most much higher. You can farm chests on different planets (there are plenty of videos for farming circles) that every 3-5 will give you blues. Enough blues you will get an occasional Legendary.

You are ALWAYS best off doing bounties and patrol missions to raise your Vanguard rank. Every time your Vanguard or Faction rank goes up past rank 3 you get a Legendary care package (same goes for the Cryptarch). Also make sure to do at least one Public event per day (and get Gold if possible) to get your daily care package from that (it's usually ascendant materials).

The Vanguard and Factions have enough equipment to get you to level 30-33 once fully upgraded, so you shouldn't be stuck in the low 20's for long.

Once you are at least level 26 and if you have access to the Dark Below DLC, there is a mission called Siege of the Warmind that can be used to VERY easily farm engrams as there is a point in the mission at the very start that has wave upon wave of easy to kill Thralls. You just kill yourself after all the waves to restart the mission and farm the waves again. I can't tell you the exact number, but it is about 6-8 waves in a row of 4-6 Thralls/wave at one point, which if you get headshots on all of them or multikills with a Fusion Rifle you increase your engram drop chance.

rebeljoe142170d ago

I was there at one point too, just keep doing vanguard strikes on while in orbit and crucible to get better gears, weapons and Vanguard marks. Also don't join a faction until you get to vanguard rank 4, trust me on this

cell9892170d ago

Dude at 80 hrs I already had 2 31s. Are you doing enough bounties and strikes? With enough vanguard reputation and marks you can buy level 31 armor not to mention the purple drops you'd get on the way there

GhostTurtle2170d ago

What everyone else said + you're doing it wrong. You don't really get legendaries until 20+ and like I said, your doing it wrong. Knock out the dailies, do some strikes and world events. The marks and coins don't just come to you you have to grind them out, but like I said you're doing everything wrong. This isn't a sandbox.

JonnyBadfinger2170d ago

They buggered the system up more by swapping the the material for marks around. Ever since they did that to get marks takes far too long.
Having to buy materials at vendors using your marks is stupid when getting materials on all planets is incredibly easy if your in the right areas. I have something like 1200 spine metal that is pointless now but I cant let it go lol

kayoss2170d ago

According to everyone, I'm playing this game all wrong.

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OmegaShen2171d ago

Three level 32's of each class.

My and my friends bored in the morning-

Aceman182170d ago

I deleted my Lvl 32 titan and 31 Hunter. I still have my maxed warlock. Just got tired of doing stuff in 3s, and warlock is the only class I like.

WildArmed2170d ago

Did the same, got rid of my warlock and hunter, now just running titan.

Though, I just log in once a week now, for nightfalls. And if Xur is selling ghally.

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