Lead Designer Wan Hazmer On Final Fantasy XV Delay

Wan Hazmer who is the lead game designer on Final Fantasy XV shares insight on why the game took so long to build and what its like working for a visionary in Tetsuya Nomura. Hamzer was on the Final Fantasy XV project from 2010.

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Snookies122911d ago

Man, scared me for a second. Thought it was going to be delayed even further...

NoctisPendragon2911d ago

This perfect clickbait title was way too easy.

unbrokenhunter2911d ago

"Final Fantasy XV Cancelled" #1 clickbait.

Magicite2911d ago

I thought only Japanese people take lead roles in their games development.

2911d ago
DarkOcelet2911d ago

"Naturally we have a limited time,tech and manpower."

Lol, you guys have a limited time. I don't think 8 years was limited enough for you :) .

That said, i really hoped Nomura san would have finished the project himself but its cool. Hopefully his original vision was not altered much.

And i really hope KH3 gets release before 2020.

GokuSolosAll2911d ago

^ "Nomura-SAN?" LOL.

Keep delaying it until it's not an action game anymore or cancel it.

Eiyuuou2911d ago

Neither is gonna happen. Keep dreaming.

MegaRay2911d ago

Nomura-sensei sound better to you? Or maybe Oniichan

NoctisPendragon2911d ago

Keep crying until it's not an action game anymore or it gets canceled (^°^).

elninels2911d ago

Blah blah entitled to opinions blah your opinion sucks blah blah

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Roccetarius2911d ago

Maybe it's because they still haven't adapted to the HD generation.

TekKing2911d ago

The game had to be delayed so they could downgrade it to be another FF13 clone.