Lead Designer Wan Hazmer On Final Fantasy XV Delay

Wan Hazmer who is the lead game designer on Final Fantasy XV shares insight on why the game took so long to build and what its like working for a visionary in Tetsuya Nomura. Hamzer was on the Final Fantasy XV project from 2010.

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Snookies123217d ago

Man, scared me for a second. Thought it was going to be delayed even further...

NoctisPendragon3217d ago

This perfect clickbait title was way too easy.

unbrokenhunter3217d ago

"Final Fantasy XV Cancelled" #1 clickbait.

Magicite3217d ago

I thought only Japanese people take lead roles in their games development.

3217d ago
DarkOcelet3217d ago

"Naturally we have a limited time,tech and manpower."

Lol, you guys have a limited time. I don't think 8 years was limited enough for you :) .

That said, i really hoped Nomura san would have finished the project himself but its cool. Hopefully his original vision was not altered much.

And i really hope KH3 gets release before 2020.

GokuSolosAll3217d ago

^ "Nomura-SAN?" LOL.

Keep delaying it until it's not an action game anymore or cancel it.

Eiyuuou3217d ago

Neither is gonna happen. Keep dreaming.

MegaRay3217d ago

Nomura-sensei sound better to you? Or maybe Oniichan

NoctisPendragon3217d ago

Keep crying until it's not an action game anymore or it gets canceled (^°^).

elninels3217d ago

Blah blah entitled to opinions blah your opinion sucks blah blah

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Roccetarius3217d ago

Maybe it's because they still haven't adapted to the HD generation.

TekKing3217d ago

The game had to be delayed so they could downgrade it to be another FF13 clone.


There are very good reasons why FFXVI didn't sell as much as FFXV

Final Fantasy XVI’s launch was very different than Final Fantasy XV’s and the two mainline game releases are difficult to compare for a number of reasons.

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closed_account155d ago

While it seems really cool and people seem to really be enjoying it, I'm in the mood for a real jrpg right now, not an action game.

This is the first mainline Final Fantasy game I didn't pick up at launch since the original FF7 on PS1.

I'll certainly get it eventually, just not in the mood for this right now. Personal taste.

FallenAngel1984155d ago

“I'm in the mood for a real jrpg right now, not an action game.”

Implying that action RPGs aren’t real JRPGs?

closed_account155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

If I can't control the party, it's not for me. I actually really like how FF7 Remake handled combat, being able to choose to straight up action it, or slow down time for more strategic party control...regardless of how I felt about them bloating the story.

If this satisfies your jrpg itch, then cool, have at it! The story experience looks amazing though, which is why I'll probably pick it up Black Friday.

shinoff2183154d ago

You know what he's trying to say. Most of us learned of jrpg during the golden age of jrpgs and they were very very different. While I'm liking ff16 it doesn't really feel well jrpgish at all.

FallenAngel1984154d ago

@ OtterX

Props to you if you don’t like the game. Not here to say you’re wrong for not enjoying it

Just saying JRGGS come in various ways and it’s disingenuous to say one is less real than another

@ shin

JRPGs have a large variety. Even during the golden age there were plenty of quality action RPGs. It’s absurd to say there’s only one way to design a game in a genre that has so many design principles

closed_account154d ago

@FallenAngel1984 lol, yea I'm not going to dive into a semantics debate. enjoy the game, I'll catch up with it later. cheers, mate.

shinoff2183152d ago


That's not what I'm saying at all. I enjoy action rpgs just as much. Star ocean is one of my favorite series. The year star ocean 6 released I've even said it was my personal game of the year. Im not thrilled they changed the combat in ff particularly, but combat aside ff16 didn't feel jrpgish at all.

MadLad152d ago

When you're basically just a spectacle fighter, first and foremost, then just call yourself that. It's like jokingly arguing GTA San Andreas was an RPG because they had a couple skill trees in it, and you can get fat.

--Onilink--152d ago

While FF16 is absolutely a Final Fantasy game (setting, characters, story, etc) it is barely an RPG, and its not just about combat.

If you want an example of an Action RPG with combat that is just as action focused as this one, while still feeling like an RPG, just look at Tales of Arise.

I’m still loving the game, but it is like 5% RPG, maybe 10% if I’m feeling generous. And what little RPG elements it has, are pretty scaled down.

Which makes it interesting in the fact that fans of the series might choose to skip it because of the little RPG in it (I would still heavily recommend it though) and non fans of the series might also skip it because it keeps being labeled as an RPG, when its basically an Action Adventure game

--Onilink--152d ago


Interestingly enough, if you did choose to get into a semantics debate, it would honestly just make it even less of an RPG haha, as there is practically zero ROLE PLAYING in the game.
Its a linear story, a defined character with defined choices and dialog, no ability to customize your build or jobs/classes, cant modify (or use) your party members, equipment is basically irrelevant, leveling is almost as irrelevant, skills are practically based on preference as there is no elemental advantages, etc

I dont get why people seem hesitant to say this game really isn’t an RPG, its an Action Adventure game with some very light RPG mechanics (and which game doesn’t have them these days).

It doesnt mean the game is bad just because its not an RPG, if anything, it might help bring people over that DONT like RPGs

closed_account152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

@--Onilink-- ha yea, I did end up engaging in the semantics more today. (below) Yesterday I had kids running around the living room, couldn't focus enough to engage. X'D

But yea, you hit the nail on the head - it's not "enough" of a jrpg for me. It's watered down, and I was never a big fan of DMC games. I still want to experience the story eventually though.

GhostScholar152d ago

I’m my opinion jrpgs are typically turn based and not real time. People will deny that but ask how many peoples favorite jrpgs are turn based and like 99 percent would be. It’s not insignificant

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Pyrofire95153d ago

Do you mean a turn based combat game?

closed_account153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

No, it doesn't even have to be turn based. I love Tales games even. Just JRPG elements like switching between characters, buffing, finding enemy elemental weaknesses etc.

Back in the 90's we would have called this an action rpg, as it distinguishes the playstyle. I was recently playing through Secret of Evermore again on SNES, and while I love it, it was considered more action oriented:


Even the Zelda devs don't call Zelda n rpg, they call it an action-adventure game with rpg elements.

At the end of the day, it's just semantics. Yes, it is a jrpg in the sense of leveling up etc... but it's very much an action jrpg. That's all I'm saying. If you want to call it a classic jrpg, then cool. Go for it, I'm not going to stop you. 👍

Amplitude153d ago

@OtterX: It's N4G man you gotta fight in the comments, not be nice to people. You'll figure it out

closed_account153d ago

Oh man, I deal with enough screaming kids at home. I'm willing to let this one go. 😂