Dead Island 2’ publisher Deep Silver on PS Store release date; “the funniest we’ve ever seen”

Dying Light has only been out for a few weeks now but already people are eager to play Dead Island 2 – the sequel to the successful Dead Island which was developed by Techland back in 2011.

The PS Store has Dead Island 2 placeholder and lists the game for a release on April 1st. Publisher Deep Silver responds to a tweet from Paradiger on this subject in a funny way.

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DarkOcelet3394d ago

LOL! That was really funny.

VER1ON3394d ago

Still have the feeling there is more to it :)

DarkOcelet3394d ago

People here really need to lighten up a bit lol.

starrman19853394d ago

Interesting if true!

Also, isn't Dying Light technically more of a sequel to Dead island than this? Dead Island 2 is being developed by Yager

VER1ON3394d ago

True, Techland decided to focus more on Dying Light. This is the reason Dead Island 2 is developed by Yager. It does remain a sequel to Dead Island though

starrman19853394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

In name alone though really, will still be cool to see what Yager do with it. I loved Dead Island and I am loving Dying Light but they both have their flaws!

And for the disagree: http://www.yager.de/project...

RG_Dubz3394d ago

Umm.. They decided to focus more on Dying Light? lol Do you even know what happened?

Techland and Deep Silver had two very different visions for Dead Island 2 (Techland wanted a more realistic tone, Deep Silver wanted the game to be more childish like Dead Rising with perks) in fact Dying Light was being worked on as Dead Island 2 when they lost the rights to the IP because Deep Silver owns them, they simply altered the game enough to not get sued and called it Dying Light.

Techland decided nothing as far as Dead Island 2 is concerned, they were working on Dying Light and HellRaid at the time.

Dead Island 2 will be more towards an Escape from Dead Island in first person, no thanks.

Definitely gonna buy Techland's HellRaid though.

starrman19853394d ago

@RG_Dubz - cheers for that info!

TheLastColossus3394d ago

This is old info from last years's E3

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snookiegamer3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

A whole article just to debunk a place holder date on PSN? Place Holder = Not Actual Release Date. I'm not sure how April 1st makes it funny ...oh, oh! ...April Fools Day? LOL (Oops, delayed laugh).

You mean even after Paradiger communicating with Deep Silver, we're all still none the wiser on even a tentative month/date! If this article was printed, it would be a monumental waste of Paper! People actually complain about DualShockers, but this takes the cake! I won't be clickin' this site again! Very poor attempt at Journalism ...Wasteful ;/

VER1ON3394d ago

I'm sorry if you feel that way and the article was intended to show Deepsilver's reaction only, nothing else. For a fact there are other publishers who respond in a very different manner.

Psychotica3394d ago

I was at GameStop last night and they had it coming out Jan 2016..

Meltic3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

lol the game is coming q2,between march-july. first it was q1 but i Think it was delayed. But things can change

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Dead Island 2 has now sold over 3 million copies since its launch. Embracer Group officially announced the milestone in its financial report.

brandon698sherrick3d ago

Dead Island 2 has surpassed 3 million copies sold and 7 million players since launch last year. It's a amazing.

MrDead3d ago

I'm happy I got this game, the story is on the weak side but the gameplay, the semi-open world and the DLC's are great. Got way more hours out of this than I ever thought I would and playing with friends is stupid fun.


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