David Hayter confirmed to be the MGS movie writer?

IMDb confirms David Hayter as one the writters for the Metal Gear Solid movie - IMDb lists Kojima as the story writer and Hayter as the screenplay writer.

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DarkArcani3752d ago

No freakin' way. Awesome.

sonarus3752d ago

Didn't he say he was pushing for the script but got denied. I say we list this as rumor. if true though congrats and i feel confident the movie is in good hands

Overr8ed3752d ago

True they did, but i guess the pettion may have helped him become the screenwriter. I hope he does justice to the MGS Movie (since no other writer would do it =). Hey Kojima is the story Writer! keeps getting better and better.

thesummerofgeorge3752d ago

Awesome, the two best people on board. Hayter wrote X2 among other things, which was awesome, and he and kojima obviously know mgs better than anyone else out there.... I'm quite pleased to hear this. Now I'm confident with the right cast and director this movie will be awesome.

killax35633752d ago

He would make the perfect actor for Snake!

Nineball21123752d ago

will be the actor for Snake. He seems to be the person they used as the likeness anyways. Like at the two pictures side by side with the article.

David Hayter IS Snake.

socomnick3752d ago

Hayter needs to lose some fat and build some muscle if he wants to play snake. There is a little bit of a resemblance though.

solidt123752d ago

Sweet, this movie is going to be a MGS fanboys wetdream.

FreeMonk3752d ago

To be the voice of an iconic video game character AND be a successful screenplay writer for movies like X-Men is a superb achievement!

I have to agree that David Hayter looks a lot like Snake, but he'll need to loose some weight and work out to get the right body shape. Christian Bale goes from bulky muscily Batman to skinny anorexic blokes with no major problem, so Hayter should be ok.

I just couldn't imagine watching a MGS movie without David Hayter's voice coming out of Snake's mouth. Wouldn't be the same.

Toolster3752d ago

Hell no to Tom Cruse.

More like Sean Bean! Look at the pic of snake and he looks just like him

Willio3752d ago

Christian Bale, nuff said.

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Breakfast3752d ago

Frank O'Connor would do a better job.

Max Power3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

wrote the first two xmen so. i think he'll do fine.

Also which Frank O'Connor the one born 1881 or 1918?

Willio3752d ago

the xmen movies were bad.... it only sold well due to the hype of hollywood and there was nothing out at the moment.

Silogon3752d ago

Big payday for him. Big one. Maybe he'll thank the fans who had a hand in getting him hired.

NegativeCreep4273752d ago

Naturally the only people who would disagree with you're comment (which by the way had nothing wrongly said or implied) are xbox fanboys who cannot enjoy the MGS franchise because they only enjoy the crap that Microsoft spews.

Adriana Lima3752d ago

that would be pure ownsauce

Max Power3752d ago

he would have too. because the movie would insta fail if he didn't

fusionboxer3752d ago

I'm pretty sure the movie would do fine without the exact tone of voice that snake brings. If Bale actually lands the role I could see him portraying snakes voice accurately enough.

Statix3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

There's no way in hell Christian Bale, or any other A-list actor for that matter, would agree to a role in which his voice was covered up by another actor's. Their egos would not allow for that.

CaptainHowdy3752d ago

Christian Bale as Snake...and im good

Jon86023752d ago

it would be awesome if snake was christian bale but I really liked david hayter voicing snake...hayter brought this character to life. I hope this works out because I like them both...ya know now that I think about it, having christian bale would be an overall person to play this role but this dude(bale) is soo busy with work(roles)...they would have to hold off until he finds time in his schedule.

Kami3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

could be a better snake.

CaptainHowdy3752d ago

now do one with christian bale...he looks more like snake from mgs1

Omegasyde3752d ago

Make David snake.

Hes got the physique, and voice down. So what if his eyes are alittle too beady, nothing alittle hollywood magic couldn't fix.

Kami3752d ago

here you go.
yeah he looks like solid snake from mgs1. but if the movie is based on big boss then huck would be the perfect snake(big boss)

Jink3752d ago

I think the same, Bale looks like Snake in MGS1 and Jackman looks like BigBoss, they could both appear if the movie was based on the original MetalGear from NES.
And in the voice over thing, I think Bale can pull off Snake's voice from MGS1 which when I heard it again after a long time playing MGS3/4 sound very different than in MGS1, Snake sounded more natural back then.

killax35633752d ago

Tom Cruise = Snake >>>>> Bale or Jackman

KS19853752d ago

I can't see Jackman playing Solid Snake, But I can see him playing Naked Snake (Big Boss) in a live action version of Snake Eater.

If its possible....

solidt123752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

The best Old Snake!

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