The Order 1886 first impressions: it’s worth the hype (PS4Daily)

PS4Daily: "We had a chance to play The Order 1886 and came away quite impressed".

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Relientk772410d ago

This game definitely looks like it's worth the hype

Bansai2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

First, every hands-on is negative, now, every hands-on is positive, damn...

Can't wait to see some reviews and opinions from my fav. youtubers, still not quite sure about it, but the graphical fidelity is looking very nice, still, I need a good gameplay first and foremost.

morganfell2410d ago

Many early previews were not exactly hands on.

Sharky2312410d ago

Now that everyone's getting their hands on the final product, the reviews have been positive. The only complaint I've been hearing lately is the black bar issue. I don't think that's gonna be a problem when they get into this game.

ABizzel12410d ago

My hype was high for The Order when it was first revealed.

My hype was moderate with the first game showing.

My hype died down after they kept showing the same footage.

My hype was unsure after PS Experience.

My hype was going back up after the January showing.

My hype was steady climbing with all the flood of videos.

My hype is now tame and ready to pick up the Order.

Kingthrash3602410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Seems to me that all the hate articles that have been swarming since its first gameplay trailer until now have had an positive effect on this game....every order article is red hot!
Every ps4 owner at my job can't wait for it to launch (including myself). As a gamer im proud to see that hate-click-bait articles have no effect on games like this.

Whats sad is for some reason they never hate on the right, watchdogs, titan fall, the crew,cod ghosts, Destiny. ..ALL never got much hate...and they should have. There journalists probably would have earned some respect if they call out these mediocre games. Instead we here the order get ripped without cause. Smh I hope this game...he'll I predict this game will be awsome and set a bar for what's expected from games this generation.

Kingscorpion19812410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

If you have at least a 42 inch TV or higher the black bar shouldn't be an issue

tbone5672410d ago

This game has too many cutscenes and QTEs that it ruins the experience - But its worth the hype? wtf

Brotard2410d ago

Probably because the game wasn't quite polished at first and now that people are playing the finished product they are liking it more.

UKmilitia2410d ago

all the haters at the begining was going of the small demo loop that was about,since people have had time with the full game all i hear is positive things.

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susanto12282410d ago

well someones paying a lot of money to put it out there that this game is OMFGHHHHHH the best game's just and awesome and excellent game because they already played it and have decided that from beginning to end this game is just the best

mayberry2409d ago

Some forget too, that early footage and/or gameplay, especially at large events with waiting lines,the games are usually set to easy settings or even "God" mode to expidite things.

skratchy2409d ago

Except all the negative hype is from hopeful Microsoft fanboys posting opinion articles.

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joab7772410d ago

It is gonna be impressive no matter what. But, I want an amazing grippimg, emotional story, so it's an epic experience, and not an OK experience wasted in maybe the best looking game to date.

SpaceRanger2410d ago

I think just with the setting and details of story (from what has been shown), I think one way or another it's gonna interest a lot of people and set itself apart from a lot of games currently in this gen. And that's really all that a lot of people look for in a game. Something different and fairly new. I know that I'm looking forward to it!

Letthewookiewin2410d ago

The kill screen with the Lycan is incredible. Can't wait!

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Neonridr2410d ago

Not that I don't agree with this statement or anything, but do you honestly think that a site called PS4Daily would write an article saying that a 1st party exclusive isn't worth your time?

Fro_xoxo2410d ago

you're right..

I've seen lots of leaked gameplay 'nd I'm hopeful.
It looks like something I would play.

Here's hoping it does well for Sony, and a new established IP is born.

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joab7772410d ago

Have you watched the video? Yeah, maybe it won't be the greatest game ever, but its quality can't be questioned.

nucky642410d ago

the site psextreme has been hard on the order.

susanto12282410d ago

money money money

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qwerty6762410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

i thought the game looked kinda boring, i watched the "leaked" first hour. the story in no way grabbed me and made me care at all for the main character, the way other games like TLOU did.

the controls just seemed clunky and slow, it was kind of of "gears of warsish", but with less fluidity in your movement and combat.

the lycan, which was a surprise to see so early, to me seemed like weakest part of the game. I expected more to those fights. The other action was nothing more then a basic duck and cover shooter we've seen a billion times.

granted this all comes from a spectators standpoint, but usually I can get a good indication on how the game is based off watching some gameplay, and to me this game just seems very forgettable and doesnt appeal to me at all.

but i hope the people picking up this game enjoy it for themselves, all the power to them, but for me, watching the first hour of gameplay made me lose all desire to ever play this game, and ill most likely give it a pass.

morganfell2410d ago ShowReplies(5)
Rimeskeem2410d ago

Suit yourself. I thought the game looked amazing and pretty much solidified my purchase.

Sharky2312410d ago

If I thought like you I never would have gave skyrim a chance.

Christopher2409d ago

*** ill most likely give it a pass.***

He never ruled it out. Just seems like, so far, a game he will give a pass.

snookiegamer2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )


'thought the game looked kinda boring, i watched the "leaked" first hour. the story in no way grabbed me...blah, blah, blah'

Okay, we get it, you dislike The Order 1886 and that's go play another tune on your Banjo, and quit with the Super Trolling ;/

Christopher2409d ago

I completely agree with his assessment.

unkcizzle2409d ago

He's trolling for stating an opinion? Why isnt it trolling when someone says they like how it looks with that logic.

BLow2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

OK well you are entitled to your opinion. This game,or any game for the matter, will not be liked by every single person. You can play something else because there are other games out that may suit your needs.

I will get and play this game because it looks interesting TO ME. And that's what counts. Plus, I've been on a blackout on this game and haven't watched anything since that first old demo. I certainly wouldn't watch the first hour of any game that I plan on or are on the fence of buying. I'll just ask a friend or read people's thoughts. Like my games to be as spoiler free as possible.

Didn't hit disagree because you are entitled to your own opinion. It's your money and you can spend it on how you choose. Game on....

Christopher2409d ago

Need more comments like this.

Christopher2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )


***You have a history of disliking this game. Why is it you feel your opinion is of any worth to those that come here to discuss titles they are anticipating?***

Because informing people means not just selling them all the praise that others have. It's telling them what people don't like about it as well.

This isn't a "The Order: 1886 Party Parade" thing here. This is people's impressions on the game. People who like what they've seen and people who don't.

***Why do you think you are adding anything to the discussion? ***

More than you since I shared my agreement on an opinion as opposed to attempting to criticize people for having differing opinions. You know, what you're doing.

***Why do you feel the need to keep entering articles concerning the order and telling everyone why you are not anticipating it or expecting much.***

Well, first, I came here to moderate. Second, are you saying it's no point in sharing opinions? And, do you think I go to The Order articles that much and just complain? No. I don't. But, when I'm in one and I have a thought to share, I share. Just the same as anyone else. That's how this thing works. You don't just skip over everything because you don't have a positive opinion. You share your opinion when you want as long as it's within the rules of the site.

Edit: You say "keep entering" as if I visit every The Order article. Before this one, the last one was from over two weeks ago. I'm not here just trolling and raining on parades. I'm just sharing my opinion when I want. I tend to stay away from these things because... I'm still waiting to be sold on the game and don't want to just talk about what I've already said.

***It isn't about being professor positive all of the time but rather it pertains to a community that want to celebrate their hobby and titles they are anticipating ***

No, that's not what this is about. This is about people reading one person's opinion and either agreeing or disagreeing with their own reasons. This isn't the hype machine thread. This is discussion on an author's viewpoint, which brings in a person's own opinion.


My word to you: spend less time worrying who says what where and when and spend more time just sharing you opinion on the same subject. You know, stay on topic and share something worthwhile rather than dragging someone through the mud just because you disagree or don't like their opinion.

morganfell2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

First of all, learn how and where replies should be placed. Otherwise it appears as timidity.

No one dragged you through the mud. The mud is where people that enter a discussion about games they do not like and seek discord naturally belong. They place themselves in that position.

Informing people? How is repeatedly stating things such as "I just really don't expect much from this game. I think it might be an okay TPS, but that's about it." informing people. Informing them of what? Your opinion? You have an overblown and obviously egotistical view of the worth of things you like or do not like. That is hardly informing people of anything except something boring and quite useless, your likes and dislikes.

I do not criticize people merely for an opinion. Your thinking this to be solely the case merely demonstrates your shallow take on why I respond as I do. I speak out against those clearly demonstrating their purpose is to disrupt and sow hate. The Order articles have been rife with these actions as of late. And the fact is when you enter a subject just to say you do not think much of it you are not informing anyone. You are simply hating for the sake of hating. Your problem is your ego does not allow you to see yourself for that which your actions irrefutably demonstrate you to be. Smell yourself.

Share? Again, look at what you are sharing. I don't think much of blah blah blah. You do not like something. We understand that. You can stop sharing now. Otherwise what you are doing merely demonstrates some mental deficiency, some itch that can only be scratched through the erred belief that your likes matter and you need to continually state them in an area where people that are celebrating what you do not like neither require or desires your dislikes. You are either oblivious to the impact or intentionally dispurptive. There is no third option no matter what you tell yourself in the mirror regarding what you like.

My "word to you" is try some situational awareness and realize where you are posting. Stop deluding yourself that something you "do not like" is welcome among people that are attempting to engage in a lively discussion about a hobby they enjoy and games to which they are looking forward. Try understanding when you are in a discussion where people generally dislike your negative remarks while they are trying to enjoy something. You seem to be one of those persons that blabs and texts at movie theaters or farts at will during a formal dinner then giggle about it. Adolescents tend not to understand where their actions are not welcome nor comprehend when they add absolutely zero to the discussion at hand. Then again, 12 year olds always think what they want or do not want is the center of the universe.

What is most surprising is that you are an Admin. One would think you would know better than to take actions that intentionally agravate or antagonize attempts to have a profound discussion about a subject without adding anything meaningful. Or is this intentional N4G policy designed to drive posts, responses, and thus clicks?

Christopher2409d ago

***First of all, learn how and where replies should be placed. Otherwise it appears as timidity.

First of all, don't sweat the small stuff. Mistakes happen and it's not like I don't have more to do here than address your inanity.

***The mud is where people that enter a discussion about games they do not like and seek discord naturally belong. ***

Is that right next to the people who only wish to criticize people for sharing their opinion?

***How is repeatedly stating things such as "I just really don't expect much from this game.***

Exact same as "I love this game and will buy it day one." Did you go to those people and complain about their lack of participation?

***You have an overblown and obviously egotistical view of the worth of things you like or do not like.***

Have you been reading your posts here? I'm not sure you should be preaching about this sort of thing.

*** I speak out against those clearly demonstrating their purpose is to disrupt and sow hate. ***

And where did I or Quicktim3 do either of those?

***Try understanding when you are in a discussion where people generally dislike your negative remarks while they are trying to enjoy something.***

Realize that this doesn't exist. Conversations are not just one-sided here. It's open to anyone's opinion as long as it's within the rules.

So, no, stop trying to make this site what you want. That's not going to happen.

morganfell2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

"And where did I or Quicktim3 do either of those? "

It is as I thought. You are incapable of understanding the impact of your own statements. That prevents value derived from any discourse with you on the subject. You are so sure you are infallible in this regard that it prevents you from bearing witness to the results of your own statements. No matter that there are a legion of people that understand this, you cannot, for even a moment, stand outside yourself and see how you are percieved. Disregard the fact that numerous persons are railed against every time they act in the same fashion as yourself, you fail to see this. You can act like this upbeat take on discussions is something only I want but the facts dispute you. Plenty of people want it and they are sick of the childish antics. They are tired of people that enter threads only to pee in the pool. This understanding isn't something that can be explained to you nor can you be educated into the fact. You either see it or you do not. And you apparently do not.

Christopher2409d ago

That's not an answer. That's an attempt to escape the question being asked.

maniacmayhem2409d ago

So basically what Morganfell is trying to say is that no one ever can have anything to say about a Sony game other than glowing praise or undying excitement for a game that no one has played yet.

It is amazing to me how he can't see how absurd that point of view is.

Quicktime or Christopher have not said anything truly negative except that in their opinion the game does not look exciting.

Who cares, does that take away yours or anyone else's opinion or joy of this game?

***You have an overblown and obviously egotistical view of the worth of things you like or do not like***

And how is that any different from you and your opinion of the game? How is your opinion of the game and how you feel about it any more worth while than his or others?

And you want to talk about comment history? I'm pretty sure a stroll through yours would reveal equal amounts of bias and negativity towards a certain console if one was to look. I think I remember you during the Titanfall days and how you stepped in and downplayed that game and anyone who was excited about it or it moving X1 sales.

morganfell2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

It is an answer. I have told you repeatedly what you are doing. But you are incapable of comprehending matters. You do not understand the quite visible impact. That is your answer. The fact you fail to see this insures further discussion with you concerning this matter is impossible. End of story.

You enter a thread and make a snarky remark among persons that are mainly there to discuss a title about which they are excited. You do not provide any substance to your remark but rather simply state you do not think much of a title. No supporting commentary as to why, or how you arrived at that estimation. How is that valuable? One can deduce no other purpose to you remark except to create discord.

Of all things you are an Admin and you post comments that can only serve one of two masters. You either believe that the simple statement you do not think something will be of note has great value. You believe that in some manner the fact your dislike is a value to other people in attempting to form their own opinion about a game. Fairly absurd when you consider an individual believes the bare statement of I don't expect much is somehow the lynch pin to an individual's game analysis. Or else you do this to create angst and argument. One or the other. It no longer matters because both are a waste of my time. I leave you to this thread. You can check as you wish but I will not be revisiting matters here.


Try reading. It is a wonderful experience. Did I say there was anything wrong with negative remarks or did I say there was something lacking purpose in unsupported negativity posted for the sole purpose of opposition. Exactly.

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DanielGearSolid2410d ago

Please dont use the "Worth the hype" phrase!

DarkOcelet2410d ago

Yeah, because it didn't have any from all those negative BS previews.

StarLord_Who2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Hype is now a verb, yay?

And forum posters are apparently paraoid too. Read up and down this thread, it's cringy.

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