Killzone twitter account teasing something?

It seems Official Killzone twitter account is up to something

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Abash1346d ago

Awesome, I'm up for some more Killzone

JoGam1346d ago

It has Valor in his eyes. What can it be?

morganfell1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

That could also be the Roman Numeral Five. Not including Liberation on the PSP and Mercenary on the Vita, there have been Four main Killzone titles to date. The next would be Five.

Then again they could be hinting that Shadow Fall or Mercenary will be free to Plus members in March.


I am not sure it would be that either but the fact is the title has been out for some time now. It isn't as if it was released yesterday. I would prefer it to be a new title of some type but that Helghast is a model from Shadow Fall.

Emrage1346d ago


I don't think Shadow Fall will be free in march because like 3 million people bought it and thats a lot and that will result in 3 million people dissapointent i except knack to be free.

PoSTedUP1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

mercs2!! mercs was the best KZ online MP to date imo. hell one of my fav online FPS next to cod4 and halo2. its undeniably fun and awesome/ addicting.

would be cool for PS4 but i think mercs2 would be for vita, mercs1 has been at the top of the most DLed list for like 2 years now so im sure they made out well with sales. i wouldnt doubt it has a higher attachment rate on vita than ps4 considering ps4 has a lot more fps to choose from and KZmercs is the best looking and playing game avalible on the vita.

if anything, i hope its more DLC for KZmercs, i can use some more guns and stuffs :p.

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BattleAxe1345d ago

Come on people, get with the's the Killzone Collection, something that everyone should be used to by now.

OmegaShen1345d ago

Just want to point out that Shadow Fall is free for Japanese Plus members.

UltraNova1345d ago

I would love to play killzone 2 in 1080p 60fps and higher quality assets!

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Mega241346d ago

Would be awesome to play as a Helghan protagonist, Maybe as Maya Visari. A Killzone that shows Helghans fighting against their government with the aid of the VSA maybe?

morganfell1346d ago

I have always hoped for a Helghast pure campaign. Not one of these like the situation with Echo or the earlier one with Colonel Hakha where they are sympathetic to Vekta. But one where we see Helghast as wrongly exiled people and your goal is to wholly support the war effort against Vekta.

Be the bad guy. Not a Helghast that suddenly grows a conscience because you realize the leaders of Helghan are up to no good, but instead be the bad guy.

Before Shadow Fall was announced I was hoping that the lead character would be Visari's daughter. Not the one we saw in Shadow Fall but instead a brutal and relentless strike team leader returning from combat in the polar regions to avenge her father's death.

subtenko1345d ago

Yea they still have to do that before anything. But good gosh PLEASEEE can we get a good writter with some GOOD scripting and a story that makes you go WOOOH WTF, CRAZY, this is GENIUS! Just invest in it GG pleasssse.

We need some great gameplay too tho, we want both!

MrSec841346d ago

Me too, Killzone is awesome!
I hope Guerrilla Cambridge are making a KZ Mercenary game for PS4, like Media Molecule are doing Tearaway Unfolded from the vita release.

Whether it's an outright sequel, or a remake, expanded retelling of the vita game, with an evolution from the assets used in Shadow Fall.

Shadow Fall was quality, it's a highly underrated game IMO.

MrSec841346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Whatever the next Killzone is, it's likely coming this year, ever since KZ2 there has been a Killzone game released every 2 years.

On PS3 KZ was a Feb release, Shadow Fall came out in November, so it seems likely that whatever the next KZ game is, it will be out November this year.

Personally I hope it's a Mercenary game, for PS4, I think that would be awesome.
Sony could do with an exclusive FPS in their line-up this year.

Bring on the AAA, Guerrilla Cambridge Killzone PS4 release I say!

Dawknight3161346d ago

Could be called Killzone 5. If you look in the Helgasts eyes you see V's.

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Iltapalanyymi1346d ago

mercenary 2 would be so rad.
would not mind another ps4 title either.

JMaine5181346d ago

Hopefully it's Killzone Mercenary 2 for the Vita!

360ICE1346d ago

Wow, it sure seems that way. I want that mecha-dinosaur game, though.

Outthink_The_Room1346d ago

I'd say this E3. New IPs need more time to breath at first because you're describing a new universe, new characters, new storylines, potentially new combat mechanics..etc.

Sequels are built on foundations and can be shown, then released within a calender year. But new IPs require alot of build up, so I hope they bring it to E3 this year, make sure it gets the exposure it needs.

MrSec841346d ago

@Outthink_The_Room: Technically Knack and Driveclub were new IPs, they were announced in Feb 2013 and while Driveclub was pushed back, it was initially planned to launch within 2013.

Bloodborne was only announced at last year's E3, that's a new IP and it's coming out 9 months after it's announcement, so Horizon could be officially announced at Sony's Event on Friday, or their GDC presentation.

On Friday Sony are announcing a new Playstation initiative, while it's widely believed to be a unification of media streaming features, like rolling TV/Movies, Music and Game Streaming into a Playstation focused service, that could require some hefty investment in dedicated servers.

With Guerrilla Game's "Codename Horizon" title rumored to be a huge open world RPG, with some potentially big online components, maybe this will be Sony's big game to launch the service globally on Playstation by the end of the year.

By the sounds of it Horizon has a pretty distinct kind of world and lead character, the concept has been very well received by most people that have heard about it, so I think it would be a pretty easy sell for Sony inside of a year.

With the kind of revenue and profits that streaming is going to generate in the future a huge network of Dedicated Servers would be fully justified and expanding PS Now would also make sense as an investment for Sony.

Either way new IPs can definitely be announced mere months from release, rather than years, provided the game is marketed enough and as a publisher you get the ideas surrounding it across to the target audience and build big enough hype sales can be had.

Personally I think announcing a game and then leaving it too long before release can kill hype of a new IP pretty easily.
As a publisher if you wait until the game's at least in Beta before announcing it, the you show enough gameplay, you control the marketing better, you can hit the public with hype and not give them time to doubt the title.

Either it's announced at one of the close events and it releases this year or it's a big surprise at Sony's E3 and it launches in the 1st half of 2016, alongside God of War, with GOW being a March release (that seems to be GOW's month for releasing).

It's possible Sony will hold it back until Fall 2016. GT7 should hopefully be this year, probably December, maybe that and Horizon will be officially unveiled on Friday and Sony uses them as a way to show off the new dedicated servers on Playstation.

DeadlyFire1345d ago

Perhaps both will come. Horizon likely will take longer to develop. As all RPGs should anyway. :)

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