Molyneux on Godus development: “I take the blame. There is a catalogue of things I did badly”

Peter Molyneux sat down to answer backer questions regarding the state of Project Godus and has made some surprisingly frank comments.

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ElementX2410d ago

Has Molyneux ever worked on a game he wasn't regretful about? Seems as though he's always apologizing for every game he releases.

Godmars2902410d ago

Populous? Good and Evil? Games before he tried to insert "feels" into them?

breakpad2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

the guy is simply untalented and is bored even before he starts ..why he keeps bothering in making games ??? all his games are from obnoxious to garbage ...

Palitera2410d ago Show
freshslicepizza2410d ago

he needs to pull back from the spotlight and just makes games and not do any interviews. it's so tiring see him time and again fail to live up to his own expectations.

WeAreLegion2410d ago

Before some of the team left and formed Media Molecule, Lionhead made some excellent games that Molyneux was proud of.

AngelicIceDiamond2410d ago

More epic failures from Peter I see nothing new here. Yet he bashes AAA development lol.

ManAnimalX2409d ago


My thoughts exactly. This guy is such a Con Artist, its ridiculous, utterly.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232409d ago

People bash him but do you see any other devs saying sorry for their mistakes?

Ubi still havn't said sorry for the 3 "AAA" let downs last year.

Activision still havn't said sorry for Ghosts and the lag on AW.

Least Moly knows when he is in the wrong, He thrives for perfection and admits when he doesn't get it.

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christocolus2410d ago

Not this again.give it a rest already Mr Molyneux.

fallacious2410d ago

Seriously, he can't add or improve the industry with anymore of his games anymore. He should just give it up and stop wasting our, and even his own, time.

G20WLY2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Stop the presses! Molyneux did something badly!! /S

Sadly his best days are apparently far behind him. At this point, if he was an ex-champ boxer, he'd be tripping up and knocking himself out on the way to the ring.. :(

thepluggy2410d ago

God he cant help himself. hes such pompus git.

Deathdeliverer2410d ago

Peter needs to just not say anything. He had me so hype for "The Movies" just for stuff to fall apart. Just make a new populous.

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The story is too old to be commented.