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AeternoBlade is a side-scrolling action RPG that is rife with potential but is burdened by a flawed control scheme. While the platforming and puzzles can be interesting from time to time, the frustrating controls drain any enjoyment that could be had. Things get better as the game progresses, but it never gets to where it needs to be.

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Chaz30102252d ago

The combo system sounds pretty horrific! Thanks for the review Brad, was a great read! Guess the one saving grace is that there is a demo of this on the store, so can always try it rather than buy it!

liamlangan2252d ago

Was looking forward to playing this, I guess I'll hold off for now then.

vongruetz2252d ago

There is a demo, so feel free to try it out. Who knows, maybe it'll be more your thing (though probably not).

Lionalliance2252d ago

Never heard of it until now.

drizzom2252d ago

The game feels a bit rough around the edges but its fairly decent.

teflontactics2251d ago

Time to try the demo, 'cause I was kind of interested in this 'til I read the review.

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