Evolve has a lot of paid skins on day one

"Evolve’s in-game store has a whole bunch of skins that you can buy to make you stand out from the pack. There are multiple skins for the three different monsters along with weapon skins for all four Hunter classes."

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DarkOcelet3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

This is really disgusting. So after people pay 60$. They are greeted with this type of Free to play games BS. A skin of a weapon costing 2$. I feel bad for the people who paid for this $hit.

Gamespot has lost every bit of dignity and trust after not saying crap about the dlc or this ****ed up microtransactions.

**** You Turtle Rock Studio with your POS practices.


robtion3451d ago

Unfortunately as long as there are people paying for this kind of thing, companies will continue to exploit it. Greed.

DarkOcelet3451d ago

What bothers me also is that click bait articles on N4g gets much attention and $hit like this dont. This should at least have 250 degrees. People really need to see this BS.

UKmilitia3451d ago

when it was all 1st announced and people was saying im not buying,i hope they stay true to there word because companies who does this kind of business need to be hit hard.
Not just not buyhing DLC from them but by NOT buying the game full stop.

they best not pull the shit with borderlands otherwise i will boycott that too.


Putting that question to the test. I would love to have a show of hands if you bought the game or gave it a miss.

For me it was a miss.

Did you buy the game Yes/NO ?

Army_of_Darkness3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Wasn't even interested in this game and with all these microtransactions I keep hearing about, I won't even consider buying it when it drops in the discount bin....

I don't understand why this game isn't a free to play download since every other aspect of it consist of paying for any additional little skin or feature like those free to play android games....
Anyhow, I hope this game flops in sales because of their greedy dlc bullshit.... I miss the days where we once had access to everything once you complete the game. Now everything can only be unlocked through a pay wall.

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Dark113451d ago

This is why i buy less and less games.

equal_youth3451d ago

This is exactly the reason i cant get myself to buy this game. I really want to experience it but my common sense tells me i should let it be.

Zichu3451d ago

I don't we should be blaming Turtle Rock themselves. The game is being published by 2K. Just take a look at how much DLC is in Borderlands 2... A game also published by 2K.

The DLC also included new characters. The first one was also a preorder bonus. They had maps, weapon packs, character skins, a new difficulty + level cap increase, another level cap increase, etc.

The Pre-Sequel, 2 separate maps, 2 separate characters.

So to get the full experience of The Pre-Sequel, you would have to spent up to about $100. The game was $60? The rest is DLC.

Psychotica3451d ago

This type of crap happens at Pizza Hut too. They offer a large pizza for $14.99 but it doesn't come with all the toppings, you have to pay around $1.50 per topping if you want them. It's why I refuse to eat there now, I am not putting up with that!

DarkOcelet3451d ago

You are lucky you are not in Egypt. You pay 10% taxes to take away your food froms outside of the restaurants lols ^^ . Yeah, everyone has some $hitty stuff going on.

3451d ago
UKmilitia3451d ago

$14.99 dollars!!!!

think youself lucky in UK a large pizza hut is £17.99 and thats without stuffed crust etc,same with dominos.

tcozzens3451d ago

That is a terrible analogy...

Putting different toppings onto a pizza change the flavor of the pizza (say the performance, if you will), not just the look of it, for an extra cost.

Skins merely change the looks of the characters in the game, not the performance of them.

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jriquelme_paraguay3451d ago

LOL... the point is not "if you dont want it, dont buy it"
The Point is, they cut those content to sell you again over the 60usd.
I think people forget the times when you Unlock items IN GAME

BigShotSmoov0073451d ago

Dude relax, it isn't like any of that stuff changes how you play the game, it's all cosmetic. I love the game and haven't bought any of the skins cause I don't have to, it's not a make or break thing for the game. Plus, they said all the maps and game modes will be free so you got to look at it as a trade-off, it's business.

Meltic3451d ago

its easy dont buy the skins. I enjoy the game without it

3-4-53451d ago

You either go free to play or $60 up front one time payment.

You can't do both....and think your going to get away with it.

This game never looked that good.....kind of boring and plain.

Add to that this money mess and this game becomes everything games shouldn't be.

Ozmoses3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

they do the same thing on Team Fortress 2..

my friend down the street is always getting bothered by his kids so they can buy a "cosmetic hat" or a "weapon skin" for $5-$10

the practice isn't new...

Yes I agree it does suck... But it is rather easy to avoid on a personal level...

To put it simply... just ignore the game and move on.

and on top of all of that Evolve doesn't look like anything special... especially with the games slated to come out this year...

I have no regrets ignoring Evolve...

Evolve will be to 2015 what Rage was to 2011... a game no one remembers

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acekaze3451d ago

Right, because these skins make your game run much smoother, they also give you extra xp while leveling, makes the monsters run faster and hit harder, and make the hunters become almost twice has better, god damn it i feel tricked they put all this pay to win mechanics in the shop because i cant afford them.

equal_youth3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

wait? what? it really goes that far? i thought it would only be skins and a day one monster?

Edit: i just realized how the industry tricked my mind into thinking *ONLY* on day one at a 60-70 price tag. Shame on me..

CocoWolfie3451d ago

$2.99 per texture o_o like theres no reason for these not to be in the game if theyre day 1. i dont understand how you can do this to people. they just bought your game for gods sake :/

SaveFerris3451d ago

Well, those who choose to buy the game can decide if they want to buy the DLC or not I guess. But at the same time they are possibly encouraging the developer to continue with the practice of day one DLC etc.

dreamed3451d ago

£54.99 on xb store what a joke,at least theres no region lock nowadays so we brits can buy in $ and save £20.

Bennibop3451d ago

I bought it for £39 (simplygames) the game is great fun but I am annoyed that there is day one dlc as it should be on the disk.

I am not against dlc as long as it does add something worthwhile the Left behind dlc the last of us is a great example of how dlc should be done.