Valentine Games: Games to Play with Your Special Someone

"Valentine’s Day is just a week away, and it’s time for us gamers to gear up for the holiday. There are not necessarily a lot of “Valentine Games” out there on the market, but any kind of game can technically become a Valentine Game if you and your partner want it to be. Some games can more easily fit into this significant-other dual-gameplay more than others, so I am here to help point out which video games I think would make great Valentine Games for you and your loved one to play over the Valentine’s Day weekend." - @GamerFitnation

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Venomousfatman1400d ago

Gotta love playing games with someone special. It makes the entire experience all the more fun.

slappy5081400d ago

I play all my games with my left hand

Redinfamy1400d ago

HaHa at least you are an honest gamer