Rumor: Ken Lobb Confirms Motion Controller for 360?

Kombo Reports :"In a walkthrough video of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Lobb clearly states at the 4 minute mark: "So you basically grab with the wrench, and then you twist the controller around."

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sonarus4463d ago

Nice. Banjo Kazooie with motion should certainly make things interesting

vitz34463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

except they're segmenting their market even further. HDD vs none, Silver vs Gold, HDMI vs none, Elite 120GB vs 20GB (for HD movies), working consoles vs broken ones.

Even the original NES didn't do so much boning to their consumers.

Dammit M$, plan this $4!7 out from the beginning and just do it!

No thanks to this. I thought M$ said motion control was a gimmick anyway.

kewlkat0074463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

I had to REPEAT it..

Just Awesome if somehow this is True and is pulled off..

I really liked Mario Galaxy with the control scheme, it made it well Fun!! for a platformer.

By the way that first Banjo shot is just lovely. I'm willing to bet if this is true, that being the first game with the motion control remote would do very well just out of Interest.

socomnick4463d ago

Vitz Sony does this too how many skus has the ps3 had so far ? 5 ? 6. How many different controllers have they ran through 2 ?. The only company that isnt doing this is the wii.

Bzone244463d ago

"except they're segmenting their market even further. HDD vs none, Silver vs Gold, HDMI vs none, Elite 120GB vs 20GB (for HD movies), working consoles vs broken ones."

I know what you mean. It's kinda like DualShock 3 vs sixaxis, backward ps2 compatiblility vs no b/c, Games with trophies vs Games without trophies, working firmware vs non working firmware...

kewlkat0074463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

can't you see how todays technology and Market is changing the way the competition is fought amongst the heavy weights in the Gaming industry?

YES!! I agree back in the day, there was no HDTV or much Online gaming so pretty much you made one SKU and that is what people bought.

Now that we have emerging technologies like HDTVS, Stiffer Competition, Online Gaming, Cheaper HDDs(the new tend), console manufacturers can't be stale, so they are gonna offer or at least try to offer the latest technology as it changes. Of course while keeping the price low.(Why for the SKU's)

Your referring to Nintendo but Look at Nintendo now, they finally added Online multi-player(has issues) and they are trying to come up with a HDD scenario for the Wii.

MS added HDMI connection for gamers with HDTV's. On the other hand Sony has always taken a risk with the cutting edge hardware, hey even Rumble is back by Popular Demands.

Things change when there is a market for it and right now, I think everyone wants a "play" at the market for some share. It's stiffer so they have to keep up.

Bnet3434463d ago

Damn Bzone24 just laid the smackdown on your candy coated ass! That was a good comment to counter vitz3. bubbles for bzone24

xhairs94463d ago


Too bad they're the last ones to use the technology...

Silver3604463d ago

would probably be include with the game.

vitz34463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

@Bzone24 and his alt Kigmal

Actually the only real segementation sony did was sixaxis vs DualShock 3. BC might be one, but we'll see in a few months if they add full software emulation for PS2 titles on the store.

Free online
Blu-ray built in vs HDDVD addon
WiFi standard on current models
motion control - standard
easy to upgrade non-proprietary hard drive
a console that won't break when you turn it on

so where is this smackdown?

eat it, M$ is just trying to play catch up with the rest of the big kids, and us consumers are paying for it, literally. How would I feel if I bought a 360 one day and a week later a bundle with a motion controller came packed in for the same price?

They did it with Vista, and they're doing it again with the 360. It seems like they have no real plan for anything, pick something and stick with it.

kewlkat0074463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

I figured like most you have your reasons why you came to such conclusions on your first post, so I tried to reason with my comment #1.5.

Then I looked at your profile, well, now it all makes sense now. Spend way too much time hating..

You seem angry, calm down will ya..

"How would I feel if I bought a 360 one day and a week later a bundle with a motion controller came packed in for the same price?"

-Well I see no difference with the PS3 and DS3, you want rumble you pay $50 for the controller.

-If true, then if you wanna play Motion Sensing Games just pay for the controller, well you still would have to buy the game anyhow.

avacadosnorkel4463d ago

Sixaxis is also in the Dualshock 3 genius.

Bzone244463d ago

That comment was more about rumble genius.

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Ri0tSquad4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

That sounds like it pretty much confirms it.

Superfragilistic4463d ago

Yeah and what makes it worse is he keeps making excuses for why there's not any button prompts (particularly in the Banjo Land walkthrough!) and yet everything still works.

And they said there was no waggle... lol

Either way, can't wait for this and LBP! :)

Superfragilistic4463d ago

Just to add to what I said above.

Check out this video of Banjo Land and then try and explain why things are working without button prompts?!

Dark_Vendetta4463d ago

I don't know. At the beginning in the car builder modus there were all button that are on the normal controller. Still hope they announce anything like that, not just a Sixaxis similar one

projectile4463d ago

I don't really see why you say its motion controlled? The camera and all seems to be moved by the right stick. At 0:36 a menu comes up and it shows start/back left/right trigger, d-pad. I don't see any indication of a motion controller.
Could you clarify? I think it would be cool with motion control, but cant see any in banjo :/

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Panthers4463d ago

Sort of an oxymoron saying that it is a rumor that is confirming something.

Still he could just mean the analog stick. That does sound suspicious though.

Nevers4463d ago

I had to laugh at an article titled -

RUMOR: blah-blah-blah CONFIRMED (and then they end it all with a "?")

The hell does that mean? The absolute nonsense that gets approved on this site is baffling...

n00bzRtehgey4463d ago

(it actually works) and...... WITH rumble! WOW!

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

and there is more then 3 games that have rumble and motion controls on the THREE!

Edit: Oh yeah I guess its our turn: hugh...humh...motion controls three years later this should've been a day one feature out of the box! 360 just now getting features the THREE launched with.../sprints back to the PS3 section\

DaddyDC6504463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

the 60GB 360 console also comes with a motion controller. Of course I would still want the standard wireless controller btw.

GiantEnemyCrab4463d ago

just as long as they keep the standard controller in there as well.

Bnet3434463d ago

The game will probably come with the controller

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