Will Sony Unveil its Secret PS3 Game at E3?

From Buttonmasher - Some months ago a BBC journalist was given the chance to sit in on a very early preview of an unannounced title that blew his mind. The title was said to be due in 2009 and with no new games for 2009 having been announced yet you can't help but reason that E3 will be the event where they showcase these games.

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chaosatom4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

pretty much every game on ps3 is a secret like I know very little about Heavy rain, ICO's project, White Chronicles, FFX13, L.A Noire, Twisted metal, GOW3.

It would be nice to see a new IP.

Xi4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

because it's no longer being funded by sony.

also heres a couple of the articles I found with regards to the platform for la-noir. (listed under 360)
(listed for next generaiton consoles)

Please don't kill the messenger.

chaosatom4666d ago

and it would be nice if they did it in home.

Panthers4666d ago

No one ever said LA Niore went multi, but I also didnt hear that Sony quit funding.

Panthers4666d ago

Interesting. As long as they put as much care into it as if it was an exclusive then that is all I care about.

Still, those are pretty hazy rumors and the first one you listed is Surfer Girl...

Skip_Bayless4666d ago

At GDC they didn't really annouce anything new. They are for sure saving some big things for E3.

Overr8ed4666d ago

hey any new IP would be great. am i bit interested on learning about linger in the shadow.

kiddo0284666d ago

sony keeps alot of secrecy in its games, maybe they should loosen up a bit. that's just me

Faztkiller4666d ago

didnt rockstar say they were doing a ps3 only game that wasnt lanoir this time last year but never said anymore about it

fusionboxer4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

With Sony being more loose lipped about their games. I rather have them not say a word until the games a month away from release. And i'm not talking about follow up previews like with Killzone 2, but straight up no announcements for the game at all. For example, I rather have not had them say anything about PS Home, Little Big Planet, MGS4 early last year, Killzone 2, and so much more. It would have been nice for them to just let us know when it was at the very most 6 months away rather then 2 years.

I'm tired of waiting for games all damn year or more. Imagine a world where previews of Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 came out and we all found out it was only a month from release. The hype would build up for it and stay built until the game came out.

whoknew4665d ago

Is this the same BBC that was paid by sony to hype their product when it was released? The same one that made the Ps3 sound like it was from 1000 years in the future? Don;t make me laugh, I have yet to see a Ps3 game that has come anywhere close to being as good as either sony or their loyal little fanboy dogs say. OH & please don;t say MGS, that game was more of hyped than any game in history.

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ThatCanadianGuy4666d ago

I would really like to see shadow of the colosus 2

ud4666d ago

would be INCREDIBLE and at the perfect timing. Can't wait to see how they'll do in this gen, but my hopes are high! it's gonna be crazy!

PwnShop4666d ago

I'm not excited Twisted Metal used to be one of my favorite franchises until black came out

thereapersson4666d ago

Black was awesome. Actually IMO it was the best Twisted Metal game they ever made, even surpassing TM 2 in sheer gameplay. I know this will upset many loyal TM2 fans, but i've been with the series since its first inception back in the early days of the PSOne, and Black ended up being my favorite entry out of all of them. Don't get me wrong, TM2 was and still is (at the very least for nostalgia purposes) a great game, but at least I can play Black without it hurting my eyes. Black also ran at 60 FPS, which translated into smooth gameplay.

LevDog4665d ago

I agree.. I always hoped they would go the way of custom cars.. I mean they did it sorta in TM4.. but im talking like.. TOTAL custom.. Like you can pick, styles cars like you can have a front end of a ferrari and a camper as the back end.. Then you could pick your special (out of hundreds) also you have a attribute system kinda like hangtime had.. So you can upgrade certain parts of your car

That would be sick

Nitrowolf24666d ago

i hope its some sort of adventure or something
pleas no more FPS
im sure it wont be a FPS since sony got KZ2 out next year
idk i just hope its going to be good

LastDance4666d ago

give me some adventure!!!!

Angelitos4666d ago

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