Xbox 360 Tetris slots into place

The game that launched a handheld revolution is making its Xbox 360 debut this year, as Tetris heads towards the Xbox Live Marketplace...

Following the settlement of legal action between THQ and The Tetris Company, the aforementioned publisher is now entitled to release the game in territories outside of Japan - with the Xbox 360 version slated for a European and North American release in late 2006!

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darktangent5443d ago

I hope it has some challenging achievements like geo wars

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Schmitty075443d ago

Who would pay for a game that you can play on the internet for free. There are millions of Tetris look-alike games that all play the same.

clayton5443d ago

We want to play it on our high def not some 17 pc monitor, get a life or a bigger better tv.

Schmitty075443d ago

High def Tetris!!! Awesome!!!

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